Your Brand On Social Media

Got A Social Itch? Don’t Scratch It In Public!

This guest blog was written by Shelley Wright of Halcyon Serviced Offices

If you had an itch in an unsavoury place, you wouldn’t choose to scratch it in public. Nor would you choose to air your dirty laundry in public – you just know not to do it. So why do we still choose to do this on social media?

Personal Versus Business

There are two sides to social media. The side where you represent yourself – your life, your opinions, your family, your loves, your hates. And the other side, where you promote your business. The two shouldn’t be confused. Your personal opinions are not the same as the opinions you should share on behalf of your business.

Adopting the right tone of voice is key to keeping your social media presence in line with your brand and your business ethics. Overstepping this could seriously damage the reputation of your business.

Small Versus Big

Big brands have more leverage than smaller brands. They have bigger marketing budgets, and access to bigger creative talent that can develop content. Plus, they can push the boundaries by using the personality of their CEO’s. Take Virgin, for example… the name itself is edgy and daring, but it works. Everyone is familiar with their founder, Richard Branson. Virgin use him to promote the business, and whether he is hanging out with attractive airhostesses or dressed as Santa, it just works. But this wouldn’t work for a small business; it could come across as creepy, sleazy and perhaps silly.

But just because a business is small doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It’s about finding the right line, pushing the boundary but knowing when not to cross it.

Social Life Versus Business Life

Stay true to your brand, keep it simple and be honest. Separate your social life from your business life. Behind the scenes your personal life may be in total chaos, but your clients don’t want to or need to know about this. Always respect yourself and your clients. Use your own instincts and apply common sense. Trust your own judgement as a consumer.

Pause before posting on your business page and ask yourself. Will this harm my brand, will this offend, is this a knee jerk reaction, is this my opinion and not the opinion of my business. If the answer is yes, then don’t post. Instead scratch that itch in private away from your clients.

Written by Shelley Wright – Halcyon Serviced Offices