Using Graphics To Transform Your Business Instagram

Some top tips…

When running an Instagram account for your business, it can be easy to fall into a routine plagued by stock imagery which yes, might be aesthetically pleasing for a while, but gets old pretty quickly! That’s where graphics can come in. There are plenty of ways that you can use graphics to transform your business Instagram, and we’ve put a few below…

Instagram graphics

Don’t forget to use graphics to make your business Instagram look its best!

Graphics to transform your business Instagram are underrated!

Graphics often fall through the cracks when it comes to posting on social media. This may be because of the extra effort it takes to post them. Or, the challenge of deciding what content to use for them. Even though this can be a bit of a bore, the underestimation of their value to the amount of attraction your business generates through Instagram is a common pitfall of many a business.

The bold and eye-catching nature of graphics is a great way for the content that you want to get out there to be seen and noticed! The way that they break up the look of your feed is brilliant for guaranteeing engagement on key pieces of content that you want your customers to be aware of (and it can make for a pretty great-looking theme, too!)

graphics for Instagram

Graphics are an easy way to make your feed look more interesting.

 “How do I use graphics and incorporate them into my feed?”

There are so many great ideas for graphics to transform your business Instagram, including:

  • Company Values: What better way to advertise the ethos of your business that customers otherwise would not have seen? The ethics of a company are becoming increasingly valuable to customers as time goes on. Make sure yours are out there for the world to see!
  • Fun facts about your business and staff. This is an amazing way to humanise your business. It makes customers feel like they have a more personal relationship with your business. That is invaluable when trying to generate custom!
  • Products and Services. There’s no faster way to let customers know what your company can do for them than letting them scroll past it on Instagram every day!
  • Testimonials and reviews: The positive things that past customers have had to say about your business are second to none when it comes to securing customer confidence and sub-sequential traffic for your business – take the task out of trusting you for your potential customers!
  • Motivational Quotes: There’s nothing better than a pick me up on your newsfeed, why not let that come from you?
  • Facts of the day: These are great for interaction, to keep people interested and remind people that you’re there
  • National days of celebration. The final way to use graphics to transform your business Instagram, this is such a great way to show the lighthearted and fun side of your business. Whether it’s National love your pet day or National eat doughnut day, there’s something for everyone!

The use of graphics on a business Instagram might be underrated. But, it is most definitely a lot more useful than you might have thought!

Will you be using graphics to transform your business Instagram any time soon?

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