How To Find Companies That Need Digital Marketing Through Social Media

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How to find companies that need digital marketing!

How to find companies that need digital marketing!

Finding new clients is a constant priority for any business, so lets have a look at different ways you could achieve this! A lot of companies go through different marketing strategies for free or low budgeted prices, to save money in their company, but sometimes this doesn’t quite do it for them.

1. Blog about Marketing

Running digital marketing agency blogs can trigger many different ideas. By following up top trends in marketing, digital media, mobile, design, user experience and public relations you can fulfil the expectancy of your clients and also understand their needs. Blogs give you credibility to help you get SEO clients and can be one of the best answers if you are asking how to find digital marketing clients for your agency. With blogging as one of the most effective measures of for SEO, clients want to see that you’re taking your own advice. As well as putting blogs on your own companies website, you could also write guest blogs for other websites. By writing for other companies, this will encourage a wider range of clients from other websites to hopefully have a look into your business.

Blogging gives you a better insight into your audience as firstly, writing regular blogs can help you figure out what your readers enjoy reading about. The more you know about these leads, the more empowered you are to nurture them and their needs from you. As leads come back again and again to read your latest blog post, you are building a relationship with those leads, nurturing them through the customer journey. You are building trust with these potential clients and establishing your brand. You need a blog that they are going to remember and want more of!

2. Through Social Media

Next is how to find companies that need digital marketing through social media. In this present day, our world highly revolves around social media. Social media is a cornerstone of so many digital marketing strategies, but most brands fall short on the “social” aspect. They spend plenty of time posting their own content, but little time-sharing, commenting, and otherwise engaging online. The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is quality and sharable content. There are so many different platforms of social media to interact with people on, this includes platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. First of all it’s best that your business builds different accounts on at least 2 or 3 different platforms. Have someone or a few people that key an eye on these accounts regularly, I’m talking every day! Firstly, begin to post consistently whether that’s actual posts or even just stories at times. If your social media goes dark for weeks at a time, you’re not doing yourself or your followers any favours. Waiting weeks, or even days, between posts can kill off the enthusiasm you’ve built up. This can lead to an uninterested audience or people jumping ship completely and unfollowing you. Make a schedule that suits your workflow and keep it up.

Also, find your niche audience. Social media can create useful allies, so when you’re building your community, find like-minded accounts and people to follow. Follow those you admire and maybe even share content of theirs to build up relationships. Mix it up a bit, follow and interact with companies that are doing the same thing as you and some that are different. Often, social media is where newly started up businesses start their journey which means they will most likely need your digital marketing skills! Like everything in your career, some social media strategies will work for you while others might not work so its important to keep track of what is working for you and what isn’t, you don’t want to be wasting your time! Enable google analytics on your portfolio so that you will be able to figure out which platforms and posts are driving the most traffic to your portfolio. Facebook and Twitter have insight tools for your company’s page that can tell you a lot about your audience and engagement. Once you know which posts are attracting attention to your portfolio, you can keep doing what’s working and adjust what isn’t.

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Finding clients on LinkedIn

B2B searching is huge on this platform. It’s professional, full of CEOs and heads of departments and you’re highly likely to find exactly who you need to pitch to. It’s a good idea to join groups, expand your network and post constantly about what you offer. As well as this, use it like any other social media account – post engaging and educational content and spark conversations.

You can also set up rapport-building message campaigns. Connection requests are surprisingly easy to achieve, so having a standard invite message selling yourself as a brand with a face is a great place to start bagging new interests.

How about Facebook?

This platform is still thriving, believe it or not. And it’s a great place for brands to engage and post note-worthy, relevant content. Promote your upcoming offers, use Facebook Ads and make the most of the opportunities Facebook offers.

Just like LinkedIn, there are plenty of groups and pages you can also post to – finding likeminded businesses both small and large to partner with.

How to find companies that need digital marketing on Instagram

Video and photo content is more powerful than pretty much any other form nowadays. This means you can grab people in a split second – promoting your brand as well as everything that comes with it to draw clients in.

Again, you could utilise targeted ads or even influencers to build relationships and stories are a great way of keeping people in the loop immediately without compromising your branded feed.

Hashtags are king. This means that using the right ones, relevant to your industry, can place your content above competitors. As a result, you can ensure the right people find you and are drawn in through tight calls to action.

3. Getting out and about

Next is how to find companies that need digital marketing through getting out and about. Digital marketing is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds in our technological era. You can’t ignore the digital world, but sometimes you need to step out into the “real world” too and get yourself and your business out there. Your business could start to attend things such as business expos, networking events and trade shows. Your aim is to get your business known locally and get to know other business owners and potential clients. The right conference can be a game-changer for your business. You could start referring people to the businesses you know when the opportunity arises. Not only will the grateful business owners be more likely to become clients, but they’re also likely to return the favour and refer others to you. As part of getting out and about, sometimes you most useful and effective way of finding new clients is by word of mouth and introducing yourself to new people at the events for example. You never know who you are going to come across and you should take opportunities when you can to get yourself out there and give people an insight into what you do and could potentially do for them!

4. Building a following with Email

Next is how to find companies that need digital marketing through emails. Businesses are always on the hunt for ways to improve their companies and ways to build their revenue. Whilst using social media and writing blogs is effective and useful to others, there’s never any harm in dropping into potential clients inbox’s. You could either just simply write a couple of short paragraph’s on what you are trying to get across to them or produce an email newsletter. You could create weekly email newsletters that are full of marketing tips, new insights, and more. You could also invest in a campaign to get more subscribers using strategies like a social media blitz and adding a clear “subscribe” button to your website. For those people who subscribe to your newsletter, you’re that marketing genius who lands in their inboxes every week and genuinely wants them to succeed. When they want to hire a professional, you’ll be the first one that comes into their mind. However, as a business you need to be careful how you approach people. You need to make sure you don’t resort to spamming them or signing them up to things without their consent.

5. Strategic Planning

Lastly, is how to find companies that need digital marketing through strategic planning. It is important that before focusing on getting clients and starting any campaign, whether it’s inbound or outbound, you should first define who your potential customers are. A potential client is someone who you think will most likely become one of your customers. A basic lead is just the name of a person and an email address, but you should always strive for enriched leads when possible. Firstly, creating an image of potential clients is easy when you already have existing ones but this isn’t always the case. If you d0, analyse their profiles, who they are and what kind of businesses they have. Once analysed, you will have your targeting. You need to target your audience and for this you need to look into geographical location, business type, company size and interests. Moreover, you can never do too much planning, as the saying goes “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. Aswell as planning before working with potential clients you can always improve your services even as time goes on.

6. Treat yourself like your own client

So how do digital marketing agencies get clients? They become their own client first because after all practice makes perfect. Before trying out your process on other clients, do it on your own company first. There isn’t harm in trying this as you can improve anything that doesn’t seem to work before going ahead with your potential clients. Go through every step as you would with your other clients. To do this you should develop your brand guide, collect data, create a data-driven marketing plan, and follow through with each step. Make sure you don’t forget to use all the advice and strategies you give to your clients as you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. Use storytelling practices to build a trusting bond with your audience. Above all, don’t sacrifice quality. If business owners see that your own marketing is done half-heartedly, they’ll assume that you would do the same for them. This could be a good opportunity so try not to miss out on it!

So, what we can see from this blog is that finding companies that need digital marketing can be done in many different ways. You just have to find what works for you as a company!

Don’t forget to keep track of your conversations – most of them could lead to face to face meetings or may need a little bit of a sales push before converting. Don’t get caught up with a select few and miss out on the opportunity to bag some top clients. Every single lead should be followed up – this is the only way you can effectively utilise each platform and make the most of your efforts!

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