New Year’s resolutions are a tricky thing. So many people make them, but not that many keep them. This goes for all areas of your life. No matter what type of resolutions you make, it’s often hard to keep them beyond January! But we’re here to help with your New Year’s business resolutions! Our founder and CEO, Jonathan Bird, has written an article all about this to help you keep your business resolutions. It has been featured in Issue 22 of Surrey Business magazine, as well as on the Platinum Publishing website.

New Year’s Business Resolutions: How To Stick To Them

At Delivered Social, we are really passionate about helping businesses grow and achieve their aims. In our Social Clinics, we often help out with ideas on how to move forward, in ways that are manageable and don’t break the bank. But what are some other ways to keep your New Year’s business resolutions? In the article, Jonathan goes into detail about several simple ways! For example, it’s vitally important to review your business often. This will give you the chance to reflect on your resolutions and see where you can improve on them as your business grows. Or, make sure that you’re accepting any offers of help or support that are offered to you. Doing this can make a huge difference to the way you run your business, as well as taking some of the weight off your shoulders.

New Year's Business Resolutions

The Delivered Social team can help with your New Year’s business resolutions year-round!

To read the full article and pick up some more tips, you can visit the Platinum Publishing website here! Do you need help with your business? Why not book in for a totally FREE Social Clinic with the Delivered Social team? We can help you stick to your business resolutions, and grow your business in digital ways ou may not have thought about before. Book in here.