How To Scale Up Your B2B SaaS SEO Strategy

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B2B SaaS SEO Strategy

Selling software as a service has many perks. You can do it entirely online and the potential revenue is high. Even so, this comes with its challenges, too. For starters, people won’t come to a store to buy your products, and in most cases, they won’t buy in bulk.

Another challenge is that you need to convince your targeted audience to buy your product without being able to physically see or touch it. After all, this is the nature of software services.

However, the biggest challenge of them all is getting your SaaS product to the right people. Information is easily put online, but it takes time and a lot of effort to appear high in search engines.

To do this, you need more than a big ad investment or a good website. Only an amazing B2B SaaS SEO strategy can help you get your product to the audience – and convince them to buy. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should invest in an SEO strategy for your SaaS brand, as well as how to scale it up to boost your sales.

Reasons why you should invest time and money in your SEO strategy

The majority of SaaS companies today are quick to use paid media and performance marketing. They do this to drive growth, but this doesn’t really give them the results they need – organic growth.

If you want organic growth that drives real customers to your business, you need to invest in SEO. Here are the benefits of a smart SEO strategy for a SaaS business:

  • SEO drives exponential growth. Put the right content strategy in place, and you can enjoy exponential, long-term growth for your business. In this industry, it’s not about scaling fast – it’s about scaling in the long term. Those ads can help you promote your business at some level, but things like evergreen content and other SEO strategies bring you month-to-month traffic growth.
  • SEO gives you a much wider reach. Unlike paid media, SEO will get your business to a much wider audience. When you pay for advertisements, you are choosing the audience’s age, location, and many other factors that influence the cost of this. With SEO, you’ll target everyone that searches for your target keywords as long as you manage to get higher in engines. On top of that, you can use SEO as part of your email marketing, social media strategy, and more. It drives referral traffic and traffic from a variety of sources.
  • SEO reduces your cost per acquisition rate. Every customer you acquire via paid media like social or PPC costs you money. This can add up to a fortune, which certainly affects your business’s cash flow. Thanks to SEO strategies, you obtain customers based on your efforts. Even if you have to pay some companies and tools to get to the point where your site ranks highly, this is significantly cheaper compared to ads and paid media.

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Tips for a smarter SEO strategy to scale up your B2B SaaS 

Now that you know how beneficial this can be, let’s move on to some actionable tips that will help you scale your business.

1. Use a quality b2b SaaS SEO agency for best results

It takes years, training and a lot of experience to find and master the SEO strategies that work. It also takes a lot of time and manpower to put these into good use. Unless you have tons of time, amazing research and writing skills, and know exactly where to look and what to do, you should definitely consider using some professional help.

The first tip in our list is to hire a b2b SaaS SEO agency with a great reputation, such as Skale. Skale will direct your SEO marketing channel to benefit overall growth and conversions. In a record time, you can expect to scale up your business significantly.

Investing in an SEO agency will come at a cost, but it eliminates all the expenses you have for tools, research, and content curators you’ll need to hire. Many businesses take this step today to optimize their SEO channels, scale them, and improve conversions to reach potential customers.

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2. Find targeted keywords for different stages of the funnel

Let’s say that you decide to do this on your own. Where do you start?

It all starts with the keywords. Search engine optimization cannot exist without keywords since this is what people use to find the information they need.

Instead of finding some general keywords that you’ll use for search engine optimization across all channels, your website, your email marketing, and more, find targeted keywords for different stages of the funnel.

To make this easier and more efficient, consider using keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Surfer. Here is how they work:

b2b seo growth


It’s highly recommended to read the SaaS keyword research article by Saaslinko.

3. Study topics of interest to curate the right content

 Consistency is vital to higher ranking, but there’s more to it than just posting content regularly. The idea that, the more articles, blog and social posts you publish will help you rank higher is a big misconception.

While consistency is important, the thing that matters more is relevancy. Don’t just publish content for the sake of it. It’s better to create relevant, quality content a few times a month than to publish irrelevant information every day.

One way to ensure that you’re giving your audience what they are looking for is to study topics of interest. As a matter of fact, this is the only way to consistently create relevant content.

Your ideas might work for a while if you are an expert in the field, and people might find your content interesting. Even so, you won’t have endless ideas all the time, and some won’t work as you expect them to.

Research is your best friend when it comes to an SEO strategy. You need people to find you, and the way to do this is by offering what they need and look for. So, check out the SaaS market, go through your competition’s pages, ask your customers for insight, and follow the trends to find the topics of interest.

4. Curate different content for different channels

It can be tempting to use the same template or text for every content or marketing channel. Creating something new and unique for each social platform, for example, can take forever. Even so, it is better to post something tailored on a few channels than to use the same template for all.

Think of it this way. The SEO strategy you have on Facebook won’t work on Twitter or TikTok. You need different content forms, different lengths, and even a different approach.

You can repurpose the content to fit different platforms, but don’t use the same. This won’t do any good for your SEO.

5. Use artificial intelligence in your marketing strategies

Content publishing can turn into a hurdle if you need to manage various channels and have diverse marketing strategies in place. You’ll also need to keep track of everyone that works on your SEO strategy. Unless you have tons of time on your hands, you’ll make mistakes and lose opportunities.

This is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture. The use of AI in SaaS is unbeatable. Businesses use it to automate their SEO efforts, keep track of everything, analyze the results, and improve their ranking.

Don’t be afraid to invest in AI. It will help you optimize the security of your SaaS, minimize errors, and will maximize your profits in the long run.

6. Create lead magnets to attract more people

 Products at a SaaS company are not physical or tangible. People can’t touch them or take a close look at them to decide if they want to buy them. This is why you need to make lead magnets, as well as interactive tools a part of your SEO strategy.

To give people the opportunity to learn more about what you’re offering, create gated content and e-books, but also offer free trials and checklists that help them master the product use faster. Other ideas are free consultations, white papers, samples, etc.

b2b seo growth



7. Offer clients proof of quality

Content will only get you so far. You’ll use it to get businesses to your site and give them the idea that your product is what they need. However, it takes a bit more to convince them to convert.

Keep in mind that businesses have tons of choices and solutions for the same problems. The SaaS market is huge these days, so they’ll need more persuasion before they commit to your product. Many SaaS products are a big investment, so no one will take it lightly.

If you want to convince them and convert them into customers, prove your quality. Use testimonials from other customers and case studies to build trust. This can be the decisive element your strategy lacks, and is a great way to increase your cash flow.

Ready to scale up your B2B SEO strategy?

The SaaS market is big and growing, which creates new challenges for scaling up. Still, with the right tools at your disposal, some help, and consistent work, you can make your product something that all businesses will want to use. Good luck!

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