Content serves many functions for your business. It can build a following, educate prospective consumers on your brand, and engage your audience, ensuring repeat business. However, creating quality content is incredibly time-consuming. Despite the industry, it takes time, effort, and brainpower to create content. 

Trying to keep your businesses social media channels operating effectively can be a full-time job in itself, and this isn’t always sustainable. Below are some time-saving tips for your social media content creation.


Carve out some time once a month to create all your social media content for the following month. Even though it sounds contrary, batching actually saves you time, as the more you repeat a task, the more proficient you become at it. It can be a process in itself to get into the right headspace to create content, so it makes sense to take advantage when your creativity is flowing. Some social media sites also allow you to schedule content for automatic upload. Either way, you should create batches of content and then schedule it for the month, meaning it will only take a couple of minutes when it comes to uploading.


Inspiration can strike at any time. To save yourself time when you sit down to batch your content, keep track of your ideas. Write your thoughts down either on paper or electronically, bookmark any useful articles or inspiring content for you to come back to later. This means that when you come to create the content, you already have the ideas you need. Some people may find that they have too many ideas which you can save for the following month, putting you ahead.


One sure-fire way to create masses of content quickly is to use variations. Creating variations can be as simple as changing the wording or graphics on a post. The message remains the same, but the delivery is sufficiently different. Variations are a smart strategy as the lifetime engagement of social media posts are noticeably short, and so the risk of seeming repetitive to consumers is very low. They give you the means to reach more people. Once you know your market, your content can be catered for them using keywords. Consider conducting some keyword research either yourself or outsource it. Companies such as Key Content specialize in helping you customize your content to appeal to your target market.

Maximizing Productivity

There are methods you can try to keep yourself on track when trying to be productive. Try setting a timer to help train your brain into focusing. It can also give you a gauge for how long a task should take. Mute your notifications while you are performing important tasks; when your attention is diverted, productivity plummets.

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It is essential to be clear on your priorities. If your business has an online element (as all companies should today), content is important. Content creation should be a priority for you; even if it means saying no to other projects, your business will do better for it. Social media content is often the first impression prospective customer has of your business so make it a good one!