Instagram stories: a content GOLDMINE you can’t afford to ignore

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Instagram Stories

There’s no denying the fact that Instagram is the hottest social media app on the planet at moment. The classic timeline of lovely photos remains wonderful, of course, but Instagram stories has grown rapidly into a powerful place to post content. Arguably, that little bar of Instagram stories is the hippest and most happening forum for social media output right now. Here’s why your business can’t afford to keep avoiding getting involved…

Instagram stories have incredible positioning

When you post a picture on Instagram’s traditional timeline feed, it could get shuffled by the social media site’s algorithm to a random place on your followers’ feeds. You may have only just posted, but a user who logs onto Instagram a minute later may still have to scroll past twenty other images before they see yours. On the other hand, Instagram stories are firmly positioned at the top of the app. They’re pretty hard to miss. Posting stories, as well as traditional pictures, will get far more eyes on your content.

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You can gather genuine data using stories

Everyone loves taking part in a poll. Twitter and Facebook have offered this fun function for years, and Instagram stories has taken it to the next level. In an Instagram story, you can attach a poll to a picture or a video, allowing your users to offer their opinions on absolutely anything you want – from life’s big questions to random choices that pop up in your average day. Not only will posting polls increase your engagement; it will also allow you to gather genuine data about the likes and dislikes of your followers. With this info in mind, you can tailor your future output to please your followers even more.

instagram stories

You can show a fun side

When you’re only posting static images and text-based statuses, it’s easy for your content to feel boring. Instagram stories, which disappear after 24 hours, allow you to show off your fun side! You can post little video diaries and cover them in emojis and GIFs, for example. This is a lot more interesting than yet another sales message on your feed.

Instagram stories: the cool place to be

Back in 2016, when they first launched, Instagram stories were a bit of a niche place to be. In recent months, though, they’ve exploded into the mainstream as the cool alternative to traditional social media posting. If you’re not using Instagram stories now, your brand might be seen as outdated and old-fashioned. And unless your brand just so happens to be Werther’s Originals, you probably don’t want that.

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