The Definitive Internet Marketing Guru List You Need To Boost Your Business

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Internet marketing guru list

When it comes to marketing, there is lots to learn. From social media to Pay Per Click, SEO to traditional forms of advertising, it can be tricky to know where to start. In fact, it can feel overwhelming if you’re attempting to market your business on your own. However, there is plenty of help out there in the form of the internet! These days, it’s our go-to to learn any skill, and marketing is included in that! 

Today, we have put together our definitive internet marketing guru list. This list is packed full of people and websites that have all the tips you could possibly need! Whatever you want to learn about, they will have it covered. Social media? Content marketing? SEO? Sales? Or anything in between? Someone in this definitive list will be able to tell you what you need to know! In fact, we think that there is really no need to spend lots of money on marketing courses when these often-free resources are out there to help you. Intrigued and want to learn more? Keep on reading to find our favourite internet marketing gurus and how they are here to help you boost your business in more ways than one! 

The Internet Marketing Guru List

All of these marketing gurus are experts in their field, and provide their resources to help you learn, too! They cover a huge range of topics, so take your pick and get ready to start learning straight away. 

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Neil Patel

Neil Patel is possibly our favourite internet marketing guru here at Delivered Social. We love his website full of useful information, and his SEO tool called UberSuggest. It helps you to track everything you need to improve your website’s SEO, including keywords, site visits, ranking positions, and much, much more, so we really recommend it.

However, Neil Patel’s wider website is really useful too for anyone who wants to learn more about basically any topic. If you want to learn more about SEO and content marketing, his site is the place to be. He has plenty of blog posts and articles to learn from. But, he’s also got a podcast which is great if you prefer audible learning rather than reading!

Rand Fishkin

Rand is one of the founders of Moz, a great tool that makes SEO and more easy. But, not only did he help set up this tool, he also has a wealth of knowledge to share with you about SEO techniques on his site. In fact, he’s been a blogger for over 15 years, starting in 2003. So, he really knows his stuff when it comes to sharing knowledge and writing an engaging article! 

So far, our internet marketing guru list has been quite heavily SEO-focused, but this is for a good reason. There are so many good SEO gurus out there, and it is one area that you really should try to master if you want your business to see huge growth!


Tim Ferriss

If you’re into business, you’ve probably heard of the book The 4-Hour Work Week. You may even have read it and learned from it, too! Well, Tim Ferriss is the book’s author. And, aside from being a best-selling author, he also has plenty of knowledge to share on topics such as digital marketing, but also business development and leadership topics that will be super-useful if you’re trying to build your business. You can find his blog here, and it is definitely worth a read!

Kristi Hines

Want to get to grips with content writing? Then Kristi Hines is the internet marketing guru that you need to know about! She’s a freelance writer and marketing professional who has written for countless big brands and businesses, such as HubSpot, Moz, and more. So, she knows a thing or two about content writing! On her own website, you can find plenty of information about all kinds of topics, it’s not just writing. So, there is something for everyone to learn, no matter what your interests might be. 

Leonard Kim

If you like watching TED Talks, chances are that you will have seen one of Leonard Kim’s. He’s one of the most popular speakers on the platform and his talks are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide! If you’re looking for an engaging internet marketing guru who really knows his stuff, you can’t go wrong with Leonard Kim. He has talks about all sorts of topics including influencer marketing and social media. Plus, his Twitter account is a must-follow to keep up with all the latest digital marketing news you need to know. 

Mari Smith

Mari Smith is often touted as the ‘Queen of Facebook,’ and it’s clear to see why! We had to include her in this internet marketing guru list because her website is just so helpful for anyone who wants to know more about marketing on social media, and in particular Facebook. Facebook is a hugely useful platform for marketing any business, so it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can! Furthermore, Mari also has free downloadable content on her site to help you on your way, so you’re sure to come away with something useful. 

Gary Vaynerchuk 

Gary Vaynerchuk is a man with many skills. He’s a proven investor, marketing expert, entrepreneur and generally an expert businessman! If you’re looking to learn from one of the very best in business, then he’s your man! His website is a wealth of resources on all sorts of internet marketing topics, such as content creation, building your business, and even career advice! His articles are also super-engaging, so it’s sure to be a good read, whatever topic you pick. 

Noah Kagan

Here at Delivered Social, we are big fans of AppSumo and all of the cool things that it helps us do. Noah Kagan is the Chief Sumo at Sumo Group, so it’s fair to say that he knows a thing or two about marketing! We really recommend signing up to his weekly emails to get all sorts of tips and updates from the marketing world. Also, his YouTube channel is really great if you want to learn about some weird and wonderful internet marketing tips and facts that are genuinely useful and actionable! 

Pam Moore

Pam Moore is a really powerful influencer who is an expert on all sorts of topics, including social media marketing, entrepreneurship, content marketing, and more. We’ve included her in our internet marketing guru list because we genuinely believe that everyone can learn something from her. She has over 25 years experience in the industry, plus millions of social media followers, so you know that her strategies really work! Visit her website to learn all sorts of internet marketing tips and tricks.

Seth Godin

Even if you are relatively new to the marketing world, you have probably heard about Seth Godin. He’s written many best-selling marketing books that are so good they have been translated into multiple languages! And, his blog is really popular among marketing professionals. We can see why. It’s packed full of tips, tricks, and general musings. And, there is a new post everyday, so it’s great if you like to keep really up to date! As one of the most popular internet marketing people in the world, no internet marketing guru list would be complete without him. 


Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the marketing guru who was actually an Apple employee when the company launched way back in 1984! Since then, he’s written several books that are full of useful tips about various marketing topics, such as social media and selling. Follow him on Twitter to be kept up to date, and also check out his podcast Remarkable People for something a little different!

Darren Rowse

Passionate about blogging, or want to learn more about it? It’s an incredibly useful internet marketing tool that everyone should be on board with. If this is you, then you should definitely know about Darren Rowse! Check out his website, ProBlogger, to find out everything you need to know about blogging, including how you can make money from it!

Jay Baer

Finally on our internet marketing guru list, Jay Baer is a best selling author, speaker, and emcee. His website, Convince and Convert, is a goldmine of resources on so many marketing topics. For example, if you want to learn about social media, digital marketing, or customer experience, then this site is the place to be! It’s a must-browse for anyone who wants to put some serious effort into growing their business. 

We hope that you enjoyed this definitive internet marketing guru list, and that it has given you some inspiration on what you can learn about next! When it comes to internet marketing, there is so much to learn. But, there are also so many resources out there to help you get to grips with it, and most of them are free! So, who is your favourite internet marketing guru? Have we missed anyone off the list that you think the world should know about? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you! 

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