We are very pleased to introduce our newest partnership for Delivered Social Green: Key4Life! This is a wonderful non-profit organisation. Their mission is to reduce youth re-offending through the delivery of an innovative rehabilitation programme to those in prison and those at risk of going to prison.

The cost of putting one participant through the programme is £5,000. This is versus the average annual cost of a prison place in England and Wales of £37,000. Just 14% of those who have been through their prison and preventative programmes have re-offended, compared to the national proven re-offending rate of 64% one-year post-release. The difference in cost and reoffending rates is huge, so it’s clear to see that the work they do is very important.

Key4Life run four different programmes:

  1. A 1 year programme for young men between the ages of 18-30 who are in prison
  2. A 6 month programme for young men ‘At Risk’ of going to prison
  3. A programme for under 18s who are caught up in knife crime, this includes young people in HMP Feltham
  4. Working with schools to provide presentations and workshops to stop young people from getting involved in crime

We’re proud to be able to support this charity as we feel they are doing very important work with young people, that will help the young people themselves and their wider communities.

What Are We Doing With Key4Life?

We are excited to be working with them to design a brand new website! Having an up-to-date website that looks good is vital for any non-profit. It’s important that their online presence looks great and helps them to attract the right kind of support from the wider public. Plus, having a great website can make any charity more easily findable on Google and other search engines, which is always a great thing! We hope that the new site will allow them to better showcase what they do and the amazing results that their programmes achieve. As always, the work we are doing with them as a non-profit organisation is being carried out completely free of charge, in order to support them and the work that they do.

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More On Delivered Social Green

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