We are proud to announce that our very own Mackenzie Grimes has recently attended the Adult MHFA training course. She is now officially a Mental Health First Aider for Delivered Social! The course lasted two days, and Mackenzie was taught in-depth skills to help those experiencing mental health issues. Throughout, a range of issues were covered, including depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England is a company with an interest in the community. They work to increase the awareness of mental health issues across the nation. The courses provide skills that empower people to support others and recognize pre-signs of mental health issues.

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Mackenzie attended the MHFA training to ensure our team has support options available if they ever need a chat or are experiencing mental health issues. We value the welfare of our team here at Delivered Social. We are very proud that another member of our team is MHFA trained. Like Mackenzie, our head honcho Jonathan Bird has also carried out the training course and achieved his certificate of attendance. We plan on signing up the remainder of our team, so they can follow in their footsteps.

Why do we do MHFA Training?

Most importantly, a team who knows about mental health issues, and the implications these can have on someone’s everyday life, is something we strive to achieve. This is not only because the team can then be there for each other, but also for the good we can do for the community and awareness of mental health.

Head over to the MHFA Training website for more information on how you or your company can get involved. You can then learn more about the importance of mental health awareness and the support techniques available.

Finally, to find out more about what we get up to in our Guildford offices, head to our blog!