Nurturing Relationships from Afar: The Best Ways to Show Appreciation to Remote Workers

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Nurturing Relationships from Afar The Best Ways to Show Appreciation to Remote Workers scaled

Many remote workers feel like they are missing out on the appreciation that in-office employees get. Showing these employees appreciation is a kind gesture and crucial for building a strong, connected workforce and a healthy office culture. However, doing this can represent new challenges you might not have anticipated. Here are interesting and clever ways to show remote workers some appreciation.

Share Customer Praise

Many companies have mechanisms in place to collect feedback from customers. If you receive positive feedback, share it with your remote employees. If the customer mentions a specific employee by name, let them know that the customer appreciates their work.

There are numerous ways to share this feedback. If they like receiving feedback personally, you can send it in an email or mention it the next time you talk. If they do not mind public appreciation, you can include it in your monthly newsletter or other communication that goes to all employees.

Send Them a Gift

Many remote workers have never received a gift from their company. There are many gift ideas for showing employee appreciation, but you should go for ones that provide as much choice as possible. For example, you could buy bulk visa gift cards and send them to each employee. The best thing about these cards is that you can load them with any amount below their limit.

You should also consider gift cards for brands you know the employee will love. Lastly, you can also give money as a gift, but be sure this is a gift the employee would appreciate.

Send Them a Care Package

A care package tells work-from-home employees that you are thinking of and appreciate them. As with gifts and rewards, there are many options to choose from. You could consider a basket of tasty treats, some wellness products like soaps and candles, or even useful tech.

You could use a gifting service to send them whatever you want to. You can also set up an arrangement where they receive a gift every time they complete a project or do a great job.

Set Up A Reward Store

A reward store provides employees with more choices regarding their reward. You can include different items, including unique experiences, gifts, exclusive discounts, branded items, and travel opportunities.

You can then use a point system where employees receive points from the company and redeem them for whatever gift they like.

Give Them an Office Stipend

In-office employees have personal workspaces, comfortable furniture, and other perks that allow them to do their jobs well. Unfortunately, many remote workers do not have such luxuries. You can change that by offering them an office stipend.

The stipend should allow them to get a better chair and desk, buy a better computer, or add other comforts to their home office.

Remote workers deserve appreciation for being with the company and doing a great job. Doing this can help them feel included, increase job satisfaction, and make them less likely to leave. There are numerous ways of showing remote workers appreciation. Choose the best rewards depending on employee preferences and the reason for the appreciation.

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