Here at Delivered Social, we’re really proud of every single review we’ve gained.

We’re even prouder that our reviews centre around our team. You’ll notice you are not just getting the director’s name in lights (far from it in fact).

When you choose to work with a digital agency it’s important that you pick the right one for you. We think it’s important you get on with the team and understand their knowledge from the outset.

Thumbs Up From Over 350 Amazing Clients

At the time of print, we’ve got over 350 5-star reviews making us the most rated digital agency in Surrey and Hampshire.

It’s just one of the many reasons people choose to work with us.

Click on our magazine to view these hundreds of reviews that mean so much to us. (You can flick through the best ones if you like – we’re just super proud of them ALL!)

Word of mouth is one of the most reputable and engaging forms of advertising for a digital agency in Surrey. Or any industry for that matter. So while we are always over the moon when clients display their gratitude and love for things we create here at Delivered Social – it’s also incredible when someone new walks through the door and says “Mark told me just how amazing you guys are…”

Did you know that 67% of consumers are influenced by online reviews? Can you imagine what that could mean for the breadth of your client base if you were getting a review after every project? You could be expanding your audience twice over simply from others recommending you and noticing your reputation online.

Why Are We A 5-Star Digital Agency In Surrey?

With our most-rated title taking pride of place on our website, we have certainly seen the benefit of our 5-star clients leaving 5-star feedback! We can tell people about what we do until we’re blue in the face. We are constantly explaining how we can help evolve other businesses and why we are so different from other agencies out there. But you don’t know us from Adam.

Hearing it from someone you already have a rapport with and trust can make the decision so much easier. You remove the bias and you create a community. People with similar needs and questions. We know we are not the only digital agency in Surrey. But we do believe that our previous clients’ words speak for themselves.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at some of the 350+ comments we treasure.

Digital agency in Surrey - Client Reviews

Why We Are Feedback Fiends

We’re raving about it – but why does it mean so much?

Firstly, reviews don’t just provide people like you with insight into our company, team and processes. They also offer us feedback as to things we’re doing well and should stick with, as well as buts that we might need to rethink. It allows us to keep an eye on customer satisfaction and ensure we are able to resolve any niggles as quickly as possible. Doing so means we’re improving constantly and learning from experiences we have with clients.

It’s not just a journey for you – but we’re with you the whole way. There continue to be times we learn a lot from our clients and adjust the way we do things because of it!

Also, it allows us to continue that relationship with a client even after they’ve had everything they want from us. Even if we see a review pop up a couple of months later, we get the chance to reply and thank them for leaving feedback. It’s a great way of staying in touch and allows us to follow up – making sure there is nothing more we can help with and just double-check everything is still going smoothly.

So, for a digital agency in Surrey like us – reviews are like gold dust. We love them. Seriously – the whole team gets an email every time a new one pops up on TrustPilot or Google…