If you work in digital marketing, or simply are just interested in the subject, listening to some digital marketing podcasts is a good idea! They’re a great way to learn on the go as you can listen to them whenever and wherever! There are plenty of podcasts out there to listen to. So, it can be difficult to know where to start. Which ones are good, and which simply aren’t worth listening to? We’ve put together a list of six of our favourites that we’re sure you will enjoy and find helpful too!

digital marketing podcasts

You can easily listen to podcasts on the go

Growth Byte Is Quick And Easy

If you’re new to the world of digital marketing podcasts, Growth Byte is a great place to start! But why is it so good? It’s secret is that each episode is only a few minutes long- at most! This means that you can get their handy tips without having to think about putting aside time to listen. New episodes are released daily, so there’s always something good to listen to. This podcast focuses on startup growth content. So, we think you will find it particularly useful if you’re a new company looking to grow with some amazing, quick tips!

Marketing School Is A Digital Marketing Podcast From The Best

Here at Delivered Social, we’re big fans of Neil Patel and his handy SEO tool, Ubersuggest. That’s why we recommend this podcast, Marketing School, that Neil Patel hosts alongside Eric Siu. Similarly to Growth Byte, each episode is super short and released daily, so there’s always something fresh to listen to. Plus, with over 1300 episodes already released, there’s plenty to catch up on if you don’t want to miss out!

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Each episode is roughly 10 minutes long and delivers you marketing tips that you can start actioning straight away. Everything is delivered in an easy to understand way, so it’s perfect for beginners and seasoned marketing professionals alike.

Duct Tape Marketing Is An Authoritative Source

This is a hugely popular digital marketing podcast that has been going for over a decade. So, you can’t get much more authoritative than this! Duct Tape Marketing is hosted by John Jantsch. On it, he interviews plenty of thought leaders, experts, and authors on the topic of marketing. They share their stories and secrets with the audience so you can learn marketing tips from the best!

This is definitely one of the most recommended digital marketing podcasts the world over, so you can’t go too wrong listening to it. However, bear in mind that some of the tips are more suited to those who are just beginning their marketing careers or have some basic experience, rather than expert marketers.

Marketing Over Coffee Is The Podcast For Digital And Traditional Marketing

Marketing Over Coffee has a slightly interesting podcast format, as it is literally hosted in a coffee shop! Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn have covered a wide range of topics in the nearly ten years that this digital marketing podcast has been running. They tend to focus on both digital marketing and more traditional marketing techniques that are still relevant in the modern world. As it covers such a huge range of topics, it is perfect for beginners and those with plenty of experience alike. There’s always something new being covered on this podcast, which is why we recommend it so highly!

Everyone Hates Marketers Is The Digital Marketing Podcast For Those Fed Up Of Marketing Tactics

This podcast has only been running for a couple of years or so, but it already has over 90 episodes! So, there’s plenty of content for you to listen to and enjoy. This podcast is aimed at those who are fed up of marketing tactics that are shady, unethical, or simply just don’t work. They offer an alternative, sharing plenty of tips for marketing that actually work in the right way! Host Louis Grenier also talks to lots of industry experts and marketers who tell it to you straight. As a result, this is an entertaining podcast that is also hugely informative and useful for marketers the world over.

The Marketing Companion Is Entertaining And Informative

This digital marketing podcast has some of the most experienced hosts out there. In fact, hosts Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster (who co-hosted until 2019) have over 50 years of marketing experience between them! Plus, new co-host Brooke Sellas is also highly experienced, being an industry pundit and marketing agency owner. In this podcast, they cover a range of truly interesting marketing ideas that you can implement in your business. It’s a very entertaining listen. And, with a whole host of guests and topics, you’ll never be short of something great to listen to.

Digital marketing podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn more about digital marketing

So, there’s a roundup of some of our favourite digital marketing podcasts. We hope that there is something for everyone in this post, but these are only the beginning. As you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of podcasts on this subject available out there! Have we missed out your favourite podcast? Then let us know, we’d love to hear about it.

Did you know that we have recorded a few episodes of our very own Delivered Social Podcast? You can find the archive of the episodes on our blog page.