Real Change Guildford RAK Day

Find out what we did on September 2019’s RAK Day…

What is RAK Day?

Yesterday we celebrated another RAK Day here at the Delivered Social office! This time, it was a Real Change Guildford RAK Day. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. In the morning we dropped notes through the doors of Guildford’s businesses. These invited them to enter a code on our Facebook page to receive a surprise. Then the team was busy all day delivering surprise gifts all over Guildford, including biscuits, plants and even a car (a toy one of course!).

Real Change Guildford RAK Day

But we weren’t just doing this to put a smile on everyone’s faces. For every Random Act of Kindness we sent out, we also donated £1 to a local charity, Real Change Guildford. The charity works by distributing practical items to homeless people to help them get off the streets. They do such good work in the local area. We’re very proud to support them through our Real Change Guildford RAK Day. Find out more about the charity on their website.

In the afternoon we even played some Call of Duty Zombies as a team to raise some more money for the charity- look out for the video, coming soon!

If you want to see all the photos we’ve ever taken on RAK Day, visit our Random Acts of Kindness page.

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