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Cezarblue, a rising star in the world of dog accessories, emerged from a passion for providing top-notch products to beloved pets. Founded in 2023 by Charlie & Alex, the company sought to streamline the shopping experience for dog owners weary of endless recommendations. Partnering with Just Equine, Cezarblue proudly offers “Kentucky Dog Wear,” setting a new standard for quality and care in the industry.

And guess who was their trusty sidekick in the digital realm? That’s right, yours truly Delivered Social. As their digital marketing maestro, we embarked on a tail-wagging adventure by sprinkling some PPC magic into the mix, strategically targeting pet parents far and wide. With our clever campaigns, we herded a pack of eager customers straight to Cezarblue’s doorstep, boosting sales and spreading smiles one paw-some purchase at a time!

But hold onto your leashes because that’s not all! We’re also the creative geniuses behind the scenes, crafting paw-fect posts for Cezarblue’s social media channels. With our magic touch, we ensure consistency in their online presence, keeping tails wagging and customers coming back for more!

  • Increased brand visability

  • Advanced Google Shopping Targetting

  • CPC brought down from £2 to 60p within 4 weeks

  • Increased social media engagement and collaboration with Instagram accounts

Delivered Social not only set up a cracking PPC campaign and opened a brand new social channel exclusively for the shop but also integrated Google Shopping feeds, maximising the campaign’s organic reach. Quickly reacting to challenges from the previous web developers Delivered Social also implemented changes to the checkout to ensure it was working every time a customer tried to check out.

Alex, owner of Cezarblue, said:

“Working with a trusted team is key, and Jonathan has been super helpful in answering all the questions I’ve had. The campaign is heading in a great direction” 

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