Karen Blakeley

Client: Karen Blakeley

Year: 2024

Sector: Coaching & Wellbeing

Website: karenblakeley.co.uk

What we did: Website re-design and build.


Increased website traffic


Increased page clicks

Who is Karen Blakeley?

Karen Blakeley is an accredited leadership and psychosynthesis coach, helping individuals connect with their authentic selves, fostering strength, harmony, authenticity, and purpose in their leadership. She does this by integrating principles from psychosynthesis, business ethics, organisational power dynamics, and spirituality.

How we helped Karen Blakeley

By maintaining the calm and nuetral theme from Karen Blakeley’s original website, we prioritised user-friendly functionality, ensuring an easy, informative and enjoyable experience for all customers. Navigating and booking services with Karen couldn’t get any easier – we were so excited to help!