TeachTech Solutions

Client: TeachTech Solutions

Year: 2023

Sector: Education and Coaching

Website: teachtechsolutions.co.uk

What we did: Website re-design and build, SEO


Increased website traffic


Increased engagement rates

Who are TeachTech Solutions?

TeachTech Solutions are fervently dedicated to fostering connections and cultivating relationships within the Training, Skills, Education, and IT sectors. Their expertise lies in recruiting for a diverse range of job positions, encompassing roles from Apprenticeship Coaches, tutors, and Trainers to Lecturers, Delivery Managers, and Directors. We were excited to build them a new and improved website!

TeachTech Solutions
TeachTech Solutions

How we helped TeachTech Solutions

Staying true to TeachTech Solutions’ visual identity was a top priority, ensuring their brand colors and fonts remained consistent for easy recognition by their audience. Equally important was creating a user-friendly experience, allowing visitors to effortlessly locate their desired information. With this in mind, we incorporated options for users to either directly ‘Find My Next Job’ or ‘Partner With Us’. We love this site and are so happy that our client does too!