The Surrey Park Clinic

Client: The Surrey Park Clinic

Year: 2022

Sector: Health


What we did: Relaunch their Social Media Presence


Increased followers


Increased account views

Who are The Surrey Park Clinic?

The Surrey Park Clinic is a personalised health care clinic for all Gynaecological conditions, including Fertility, Menopause, Hormone Management and Pregnancy care. Established in 2005, the clinic has worked with over 24,000 patients. The Surrey Park Clinic came to us in early 2022 with the mission to relaunch their social media presence.

The aim was to create a social media content strategy that strives to raise awareness of their new mission; a health care brand that cares! We were also tasked with running the clinic’s paid media strategy. The goal here was to help them launch new services, raise awareness of current service and ultimately drive more bookings!

The Surrey Park Clinic flowers
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How we helped The Surrey Park Clinic

Well, we started all the content from scratch. It was important that the tone of voice and the actual visuals aligned with the overall messaging. To get started, to ensure the process was collaborative and in order for The Surrey Park Clinic team to have buy in with the new approach, we hosted several workshops with Clinic Director, Katie Biddiss, to make sure we aligned on the new direction of travel and essentially redesign all the content – agreeing on key goals, key messaging, and establishing our content themes.

For paid, we fully assessed digital marketing activity to date and implemented optimisations to better reach and engage the target audience. This included creating different strategies and content for varying audiences as well as the varying services, across both Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. We created buzz around the relaunch with a teaser announcement (importantly making sure that our existing community came along on the journey with us) before officially rolling out the new content.