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Traco, a UK-based furniture and equipment clearance and storage business, specialises in clearing a wide range of items from various sectors, including industrial and office settings. Their mission is to extend the lifecycle of unwanted assets by reselling, reusing, donating, or recycling them. In addition to furniture and equipment clearance, Traco offers services for office relocations and storage solutions, as well as WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling.

  • Increased online engagement

  • Showcased sustainable solutions

  • A bespoke strategy working with Facebook groups for maximum coverage in target areas

  • Enhanced brand visibility using TikTok and Reels

At Delivered Social, we’ve had a blast teaming up with Traco, the eco-warriors of the furniture and equipment clearance world! Our video days are always an adventure as we join them on customer deliveries, diving into the hustle and bustle of their green mission. From turning office clear-outs into opportunities for reuse to transforming old electronics through WEEE recycling, we capture it all. Our fun and informative posts and videos shine a spotlight on Traco’s dedication to making sustainability stylish and practical. It’s all about showing how every item gets a second chance at life, thanks to Traco’s innovative solutions!

Jason Bentley, Managing Director of Traco, said:

“Delivered Social is great to work with. The team have lots of fun when filming and it really does get our message out there!”