Social Clinics On Tour

Find out what happened when we went to London…

7am starts can only mean one thing… coffee. food. And coffee. So, after enjoying our Costa Coffees on the train from Guildford to London Waterloo, we enjoyed an incredible breakfast at the healthy kitchen (give it a go when you are next in Waterloo station – the eggs Florentine was perfect!) We then met the lovely Sammy and began the final leg of the journey to Finchley.

Why were we off to Finchley? Well, we recently came across The Popcorn Shed products… after having them for my lunchtime snack, I had to message them saying how tasty it was and invite them to one of our free social media clinics… after accepting the invite, The Popcorn Shed was kind enough to set up a second two clinics within the same office space.

Social Clinics on Tour: What Happened Next

First up we had The Popcorn Shed! They do the most incredible gourmet popcorn… from sweet cheesus to salted caramel, their flavours are incredible. We went through their website, SEO and all their social media. We did this as part of our free social media clinics. So, we can then offer website advice, ideas and constructive criticism. Or, as Jon likes to do… keep a point system of how many things you aren’t doing well… if you are after some tasty new treats to try, you have to give these guys a go! So many flavours and their packaging is so cool. To learn more about them, check out their website or give them a follow on their socials! It was lovely to meet Laura, someone as equally obsessed with popcorn as we are!

Secondly we had Fit Kit Body Care! An amazing company that has created shower gel and moisturiser products perfect for when you have finished that gym workout. Each product even had its own specialism. I can’t wait to try the reduced redness one after my next work out. Just like our previous clinic, we went through their website and socials giving free advice, ideas and thoughts on their online digital presence. We loved the branding of the company!

Finally we had Seed and Bean.. an amazing chocolate company offering the most beautiful array of colours, flavours and tasty treats! Sammy was a fan before the clinic so she was eager to meet them. After going through their website and socials, we chatted about all our favourite thing… CHOCOLATE! it was a pleasure to meet Zara, we are very excited for the brand in the up and coming months! Be sure to check out their socials.

Overall, we had an amazing day delivering our social media sessions but also meeting such fantastic brands: The Popcorn Shed, Fit Kit Body Care and Seed and Bean… the whole day actually inspired us to deliver more social clinics outside of our HQ, Guildford. So, Jon has been tasked with buying a bright orange double Decker bus for ‘Delivered Social Clinics on Tour’ (we are still working on the name) if you fancy having a free social media clinic session with us, get in touch or book for our Guildford location!