Free Social Media Clinics



Yep, you are reading this right. Not only do we do FREE SOCIAL MEDIA CLINICS every single day at our Guildford offices we also supply the popcorn.


  • Every single social clinic is one on one and unique. It’s all about having a conversation – a bit like social media 101!
  • How to grow a large following of prospective customers on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Using free methods and some you might not have considered before.
  • Ways to engage with your fans/followers/connections through the content you post to your profiles.
  • Taking your fans/followers/connections from social media, and convert them into paying customers.
  • How to stand out from the crowd (and your competitors) on Social Media.
  • How to create your Social Media Strategy, Time Management, Planning, Creating Your Daily Activity List…
  • Plus much, much, more…(seriously one client was in our screening room for 8 hours!).



August 19, 2019 - August 25, 2019

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Struggling to see how Social Media can deliver a consistent flow of new leads / enquiries / sales into your business? Let Delivered Social show you how, with one of our free to attend social media clinics.

Previous Attendees

Delivered Social has helped teach Social Media Marketing to over 600 businesses in the last few years. Including those in the public sector, the private sector, FTSE 100 companies and one-man operations – in literally every industry imaginable. Social media (for winning new customers) works – regardless of whether you are large or small, B2B or B2C focused. Read on to learn about some of the companies we’ve helped…

pictureframeasset steve grey

Meet Steve from Tudor Antiques

Steve’s events are legendary and now so is his digital

With multiple plates spinning Steve knew the power of social media but needed a simply way to harness it…

Meet Jasmine from Jasmine Andrews Photography

Jasmine wasn’t happy with her old website, so she came to us!

After a social media clinic in Guildford, Jasmine figured out how she best wanted to market her business. We built her a new website as part of our ‘Free Ten’ scheme, and she loves it!

pictureframeasset jasmine
pictureframeasset sarah nadine grey

Meet Sarah and Nadine from My 1st Photos

Sarah and Nadine have been on a digital journey

With popcorn in hand, Sarah and Nadine learned a few little tricks during their free social clinic. Rather than focus on what they’d done before both Sarah and Nadine wanted to look at ways to move the business forward. Here’s what they had to say about the experience.

Meet Matt from Club Minecraft

Matt was one of our first clients!

Matt’s brilliant business has grown exponentially since we started helping with its online output. Our collaboration began with a social media clinic and has evolved years on into a new business erupting from the established one.

pictureframeasset matt
pictureframeasset firework grey

Meet Tom from Platinum Fireworks

Fireworks, Reviews and Social Media – the meeting of minds

Explosive displays are a dangerous business – and that’s why Tom came into one of Delivered Social’s free social media clinic’s – and the relationship went off with a bang. First of all we looked at Platinum’s website to understand if they were making the most of every bang and then moved onto social discussions to really add some sparkle.

Meet Katie and Jo from Sandiford Green

Recruitment goes Social…

It was great to be offered free advice without a hard sell, and some quite tough constructive criticism! Because of the critisim, we came away from the social media clinic with some great new ideas to implement straight away.

2 people pic frame
pictureframeasset cheryl grey

Meet Cheryl from Bode Interiors

Interior Design needed a little digital makeover…

When we left the social clinic, we were so energised by all the exciting ideas we’d been given. And then, just over a week later, we had a fantastic new website presented to us, which we are delighted with! As a result, our business has changed to meet the needs of our clients – which was key!

Meet Charles from Galileo Photography

The only client who’s been to all our parties…

Four very interesting hours later, and I could really see the potential of what Jon wanted to do to further my business. I felt he not only understood me, he understood my business and where it can potentially go, with the right social media support. Furthermore, it’s great fun.

pictureframeasset charles
pictureframeasset emma grey

Meet Emma from Chater Dunham

Taking a new shot for this established photographer…

A real lover of popcorn, Emma’s social clinic involved some genuine discoveries about her business and as a result, helped her make informed decisions about the right directions to take her business in.