The Delivered Social Podcast Episode 2

How Can Clients Help With Onboarding?

The Delivered Social Podcast Episode 2 is now available! This week, Delivered Social CEO Jonathan Bird and Marketing Assistant/podcast editor Rob Leane are joined by Delivered Social’s business development genius and WordPress maestro, Hannah Chapman.

Firstly, in our on-going mission to bring fresh social media and online marketing opinions into your earholes, this week’s episode covers a vital stage in any business’ growth plan: client onboarding, which is the process of getting a new customer set up with your services after they’ve loved your sales pitch and signed on the dotted line.

In this 20-minute nugget of debate, you’ll hear Jon, Rob and podcast debutant Hannah merrily chewing the fat about all things client on-boarding. Which software should you use when bringing in a new client? What mistakes must be avoided? And how can clients help the process run smoothly?! You’ll learn all three of those things, and a whole lot more, when you tune in.

As ever, there are numerous ways to listen. The Delivered Social Podcast Episode 2 is available now on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, and all podcast apps. However, if you prefer listening in your browser, you just need to click on the player below…

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