We have just uploaded The Delivered Social Podcast Episode 7! And, it’s a bit of a change from our traditional formula! Instead of debating a big topic from the realm of online marketing and social media management, we decided to mix things up this week and take the podcast party to one of our clients.

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Earlier in the week, Hannah took Ali and Georgie on their first-ever client visit. The three DS girls popped over to The Beauty Nest in Chobham to learn more about the business, get their nails done and record a quick testimonial for the podcast. The Beauty Nest became a client relatively recently, after Natalie came to our office for a social media clinic with Jon.

After the visit, Rob chatted to Ali and Georgie about their experience. Then, we mixed everything down into this one lovely little podcast nugget. If you want to listen in your browser right now, here’s the player…

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