We are pleased to tell you that the Delivered Social podcast is back with a brand new episode of season 3! And this time, we have some very special client guests. Millie and Thomas are siblings, aged 10 and 8, who we’ve recently been working with to produce a new website for their very first business venture, Rocco’s Treats. If you have a dog, and you’re looking for all natural, tasty treats that they are sure to love, then you need to check them out!

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Millie and Thomas

Millie and Thomas, entrepreneurs and owners of Rocco’s Treats

Rocco’s Treats was established in January 2021 as a lockdown home-schooling project for the siblings. It came out of a conversation about how many people had bought a new dog over the past year, due to lockdown and spending more time at home. As a result, there are lots of potential customers for a dog treat business! Millie and Thomas have worked really hard on their business so far and it was a pleasure to invite them for their very first podcast to talk to them about it. Rocco’s Treats is named after their very own dog and best friend, and they are also planning on donating a proportion of their earnings to charity. To find out more about this exciting new venture, and to order your own treats, you can visit their website that we built for them here, or message their Facebook page here.

You can give the podcast a listen below, on Anchor, or on your chosen podcast app. Don’t forget to keep checking back on Anchor for new episodes, as Season 3 of the Delivered Social podcast is now well underway. We’re looking forward to inviting even more of our clients and other special guests to talk about all of the exciting things that they’ve got going on!