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Blog About Blogs

Blog writing may seem daunting if you’re not a writer but it is honestly so easy when you get into the swing of it. All you need is a personality, focus and a half a clue on what you’re going on about – this is the secret recipe. Writing blogs is not just for bloggers nowadays, most companies blog write to drive more traffic to their websites. It’s a great tool to get more consumers engaged, and also it enables people to get a feel for your companies character and hear your story too. Here’s my holy-grail blog post about blog posts.

Get in the zone:

First things first put on a motivational playlist on Spotify, sit in complete silence, darkness, your happy place – whatever it is to get yourself in work mode. I promise you this will help you in smashing out a Huff Post worthy blog.

Be yourself:

This is up there on the list because it’s number one in my priorities after getting in that focused headspace. I, personally, would read more than three sentences of a blog post that is just spurting greyscale information with zero flair, with a lack of engaging content. Even if it was written on my favourite subject, I just wouldn’t read it because it’s boring. If people love your blog posts, they’ll keep checking back, trust me, so make it fun and throw in some light-hearted humour.


Yes, waffling is a word, before you ask. A wise man (Our MD Jon) once said a blog can be 450 words or more but a GOOD blog is around 750 words. Don’t write too little, don’t write too much – this is key. You can waffle on forever about Daschunds and six pages down the line you’d have lost 95% of readers because they simply just can’t be bothered to read anymore. If it’s short and sweet, go for it, there are no rules but be to the point and just don’t waffle, okay?


This will redirect traffic back to your website/social media platforms/products/services – whatever you link. If you’ve nailed the first two points and you haven’t waffled, we’re just going to assume your reader is hooked on your blog post and is going to want to click the links within your text. So pop a few in if it’s relevant and appropriate.

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Add Pictures:

A photo speaks a thousand words and the best part about that is that the reader doesn’t actually have to read a thousand words. They are visually appealing and they can be used to break up paragraphs. I touch on sourcing images in this blog. (There’s a cheeky little backlink for you)

Grammar & Spelling:

I understand some people struggle with spelling & grammar (including myself) but there is no excuse for making mistakes. There are millions of apps and software that can detect grammar and spelling mistakes on the internet and most probably are already built into your machine. I personally use Grammarly, it’s the best on the market in my opinion and it’s free.


If you’ve taken heed and followed all these steps correctly then you’ve just created a killer piece of writing full of interesting, witty and informative blog-y goodness. Now share the hell out of it. Put it on your website and all your social media platforms, this includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat… Then add it to all of their stories… You may as well put it on your WhatsApp status while you’re at it.

Now that’s done and dusted you can relax for exactly 6 days because you’re going to need to write another for next week so your blog is constantly up to date. You’re welcome & enjoy.

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