When you are trying to write great marketing content, you may be asking yourself with this question: where does that content come from? The natural response would be: it comes from the writers, who seem to know exactly what they are doing. They have all the good ideas, and they should be able to make your product or service sell.

But thinking deep down, where do all those good ideas come from? It’s not like they come out from thin air; they have to originate from somewhere.

The Fundamentals of Good Marketing Writing

You may not be a copywriter, but even in that case, you still need to understand what marketing copy is. Even if you are not a “wordsmith” that creates copy with their word-anvil and word-hammer, there are a few good reasons why you have to understand the fundamentals of good content writing:

  • You are in need of some copy, regardless if it’s only a small paragraph for a product or a company description. This will let your potential customers decide whether or not they want to work with you.
  • Even if you are not the one writing the copy, you need to be able to tell whether or not the person you hired is doing a good job. This way, you should be able to hire only the best in the field.

If the copy was not well-written, you may end up losing your sales – and you won’t even realize that it’s happening. If the copywriter that you have written is bad, not only will you end up losing your sales – but you’ll pay for that “privilege” as well. This is why you need to understand what makes good copy – and specifically, what makes your product sell.

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Why We Need Good Market Research

As a copywriter, your job is to persuade the readers into taking action. You need to convince them that the product or company you are trying to sell is actually the answer to your problems – the thing that you need in order to move forward. You need to give them something that they haven’t tried before – that they haven’t had the chance to test as a solution to their issues.

Still, in order to sell a product that they need, you need to first know what they need. And unless you do some research, you won’t be able to give them what they need most. To put it simply, as a copywriter, you need to conduct good research in order to determine the most important features of a particular product, the audience’s pain points, and the exact words that they have used in order to describe this problem.

A great misconception of copy creation is that the copy comes from only one person; however, that is not exactly true. A quality marketing copy will take some fairly extensive research. And here, the copywriter is the one that takes that market research, organizes it, and builds a compelling message that has the purpose of attracting the customers.

This research can be done through various means – including reviews, surveys, or interviews with the audience. These methods will give more insight to the copywriter about what the masses are looking for – therefore allowing the advertised company to sell its product.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s not about advertising the way you see the product; it’s about the way in which the customer sees the product. And by creating great copy that displays exactly what the customer wants to see, you will be able to reap better sales in the future. The key here is just good research.