The University of Surrey Welcomes Students Back Safely: Video

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University of Surrey

It’s undeniable that many businesses in Guildford have been hit hard by Covid-19. This could be forced closure over lockdown, social distancing measures meaning that they can’t welcome as many patrons as usual, their ways of working changing, or something else. Every business has been affected somehow.

But, a big part of the Guildford community is our student population. And, as September is well underway, more and more students are returning back to the University of Surrey to start or continue with their studies. While the town is looking forward to having them back, it’s important that they’re reminded of the need to stay safe in the face of Covid-19.

So, Delivered Social Green teamed up with Experience Guildford, the University, their Students’ Union, and local businesses to create this short video welcoming students back to the town:

Our video with the University of Surrey

The aim of the film is to welcome students back to the University of Surrey and Guildford safely, while also showing off the impressive range of things that they can do in the town and showcasing some of the businesses that can be found there. It was produced in conjunction with the University’s wider efforts to ensure everyone returns back to campus safely. Their action plan has been in development for months as Covid-19 restrictions have developed. A wide variety of Covid-secure measures have been put in place across the Unoversity, including more online learning, and a dedicated self-isolation support team on hand to support students with whatever they may need if they have to isolate on campus.

Here’s what the CEO of Experience Guildford, Amanda Masters, had to say about the project:

“As the University of Surrey gears up for the start of another academic year, we look forward to playing our part in welcoming students, new and old, back to our town. Guildford has so much to offer the student community, and our collaborative approach with the University team and Guildford Borough Council to convey this, along with the increased safety measures that our businesses have so diligently put in place, is a positive reinforcement for all who live, work and play in our town.

We understand and appreciate the economic contribution that students make to our local economy and are working hard to support retailers and hospitality businesses in conveying the offers and incentives that they are rolling out to help celebrate their return. And ‘celebrate’ is exactly what we should do. The plans put in place both on and off campus go a long way in reassuring students that we put their safety first, and our longstanding Purple Flag accreditation also demonstrates that we have done this for many years.”

We wholeheartedly agree with everything Amanda has said, as we know how hard everyone has been working to ensure students can return in a positive and safe manner.

It was a pleasure to take part in this project as part of our Delivered Social Green community venture. Taking part in the community and giving back is very important to us as a company. This is just one of the many ways that we’re proud to say we’ve done that over the past six months! Ensuring that University of Surrey students know that they can have fun, explore the town, and keep themselves and others safe while doing so is definitely an important message that we’re pleased to help share. To find out more about Delivered Social Green and what we do to help the community, charities, and other non-profits, click here to go to our dedicated website!

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