Whether you’re a recreational blogger, or you’re creating content on behalf of your company, branding is essential. By creating a recognisable brand, you can attract a wider audience, engage with your audience more effectively and increase your success. 

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Today’s bloggers can turn their online musings into a highly lucrative side business or even a full-time career. If you want to start generating income from your blog or you want to boost the amount of revenue you’re making, find out why branding is so important now:

1. Your Audience Knows What to Expect

If someone visits your blog and they can’t work out exactly what they’re going to get within a few seconds, they’ll leave and go somewhere else. If you’re having trouble reducing your bounce rate, this could be why. 

With a strong brand, however, you can ensure that new users are hit with your core brand messages as soon as they arrive on your webpage. From the topics you cover to the type of content you produce; all of this can be conveyed in seconds with a strong brand. 

2. You Look More Professional


When you brand your blog, it instantly looks more professional. While this helps to create a good impression, there is also a secondary gain to be had by enhancing your professionalism. The rise of influencer marketing means that many bloggers are approached by companies who want to collaborate with them. This can be a great way to add a new revenue stream to your blog, so it’s worth evaluating how businesses might view your blog if they are looking for a marketing opportunity. 

Bloggers or even vloggers can make a significant amount of money by collaborating with companies and even other influencers, so you shouldn’t be missing out on a profitable opportunity. It’s also important to consider the branding agency you select. For example, a design agency like Rebus works on delivering branding that reflects a blogger’s online personality. This is what you will want to look for. Being professional doesn’t mean losing the identity that you’ve built. The right agency will focus on the origins of your objectives. 

3. Stick in People’s Minds

Once a user has visited your blog and perhaps read one or two of your posts, you want to stick in their mind and keep them coming back for more. To do this, you’ll need to create a strong brand identity. Being memorable isn’t always easy, particularly when you’re competing against millions of other bloggers out there. 

With the right branding, however, your beliefs, values, typography, logos, imagery, colours and style become inextricably fixed in the user’s consciousness. The next time they want to access information that’s relevant to your blog, you’ll be the first place they go to. When it comes to maintaining your readership and securing subscribers, a strong brand identity is vital. 

Generate Revenue from Your Blog Now

When you combine branding with blogging, you can have a real recipe for success. As a fun way to express yourself and a viable way to generate income, incorporating branding into your blog can propel you to the next level.