You are in the digital age where everything is a competition. You dare to do one thing wrong and there is another person or business trying to replace you immediately. The first thing where a potential customer reaches your business. So, you want to make sure that everything about your website is perfect and no one gets a chance to complain about it. One thing that always gets less attention when looking at a website overall is the site URL. Ask yourself would you open a URL which is very long, or would you click on a URL that is short and crisp. A long URL can be a major drawback for your business, and therefore you should know the reasons why you should avoid having a long long URL. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do much for it, you have the best URL shorteners online that can efficiently do this job for you.

Understand the Problems with Long URL

The URL and the domain name are the first two things that appear at the top of a website. The domain name is still second, but the URL is something that your customers click or search to land at your website. Thus, it is probably the first things that set an impression on your audience. Let’s understand what problems a long URL can cause.

Looks Unprofessional and Unattractive

A long URL looks very cluttered. IT seems that you have stuffed everything in one place. It can be messy, confusing and hard to read which can create an unprofessional impression on the
audience. Imagine if you get an email from a URL that looks like (,would you click it or would you just ignore it? What if the URL looks sharp and crisp like Which link would you want to click on? Or which of these look more

Long Links are Difficult to Share

Sharing a long URL on any social media page, email or even printing them looks very difficult. If you choose a platform like X where there is a character limit, then a long URL will take up a lot of that valuable space and you won’t get to convey the message you want to. Irrespective of the platform you choose to promote your website, you need a message that people what to see and click. So look for top URL shorteners that can help you get a neat and clean URL without taking a lot of time.

Impacting the User Experience

As you know a long and extra stuffed URL looks disturbing and unappealing to the users. Therefore, it impacts the user experience which leads to lack of footfall on the website. A small URL is easy to remember and quick to type. Whereas, a long URL is difficult to remember and even harder to type. So, it does not result in any positive outcome if you have a lengthy URL.

SEO Challenges

Everything that an online business needs to get success is related to SEO. It plays a significant role in increasing your visibility, and when you have a long URL it can reduce all your SEO efforts. A long URL with numerous parameters can confuse the search engines and in fact misunderstand the basic information of your webpage. A short an effective URL only adds to better website performance.

How Does a URL Shortener Help

URL shorteners come in very handy and useful when you need to reduce the clutter from a lengthy and ineffective URL. These tools do not take much time to create a short, simple and appealing URL. Take a look at some of the reasons why URL shorteners are beneficial.

Improves Aesthetics

By using a URL shortener, you can get a neat and clean URL that looks professional. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also enhances the overall content on your website.
If you compare between URL 1 and URL 2 which one looks more attractive:
URL 2:

Better Sharing and Engagement

When you get a shorter URL by using a URL shortener it makes it easy to share the URL. Whether you are attaching it in your emails, or posting it across different social media platforms it will fit within you character limit and not extend your post unnecessarily. This increases the chances of higher engagement from multiple platforms you use to promote your business.

SEO Benefits

By using a shorter URL which only is a combination of your domain name and all relevant SEO keywords makes your URL rank at the top of search engines. It is exceptionally helpful to get better SEO relevance and results.

Tracking and Analytics

When you use a URL shortener, you get the additional benefits of services like link performance tracking. You can monitor how many people have clicked on your URL, track their geographical location and even see reference sites. This is a great way to analyse your URL performance. It’s important that you reflect upon all the factors that are discussed in this article and look for a
great URL shortener that gives you a perfect URL, a high ranking, clean and professional URL that boosts your website performance. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search today!

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