Working With Influencers

Why you should be working with influencers…

We’re of the belief that influencers are the way forward when it comes to marketing. Thinking that your business doesn’t need them? Think again! Here are some reasons why you should be working with influencers

Influencers bring a unique perspective on products or services which can be of help to any business. They will shout from the rooftops about how much they love your business and why. Many will go into detail. This could include simply how much they love the product/service, to the history of the business, and also how the business interacts with them.

A lot of the time, digital marketing can seem difficult for businesses. Making meaningful connections with ‘random’ people via social media platforms can be very hard. At times, it can even seem completely pointless. This is where influencers come in.

Influencers already have their target audience connected with them, and a lot of the time it will be people with the same interests or within the same location. Influencers are a trusted voice. People want to listen to them. Think how many times you’ve Googled to find a review for a product. A lot of the time you will be directed to a blog post which will be written by an influencer!

Working with influencers is a great way to get your brand out there

Working with influencers: top tips

Some influencers will work on a ‘gifted’ campaigns for you, meaning you give them your product/service for free. However, bear in mind that some will look for payment. This will all depend on what you are looking for them to do for you.

We would recommend having a look at what your competitors are doing if they’re working with bloggers at the moment. If they’re not, you’re already ahead of the game!

If you own a venue, why not host a blogger event? Invite them along and have them directed into different parts of the venue. They should take high-quality pictures, do live posts across social media, or write a review. This will strengthen your business when people are searching in the future.

If you’re looking for assistance in working with influencers, we would be happy to help! Just get in touch today. Or, why not book in for one of our free social media clinics, so we can help you come up with some new ideas!