Why Your Business Needs Pinterest

It’s much more than just pretty pictures…

Do you think that Pinterest is just pretty pictures? It’s so much more than that, and could benefit your business more than you know. Here are 6 good reasons why your business needs Pinterest:

1. Show off your business on Pinterest in a visual manner

It is a well-known fact that consumers react better to visuals than reading long chunks of text. Whether it’s beautiful photographs of your products or interesting graphics to detail what goes into your services, there are many ways that are visually appealing to show off what your business does. Pinterest is a great platform to show off your images!

2. Pinterest links back to your website

Ever thought of Pinterest as a powerful tool to get people to your website? Think about it, behind every picture on Pinterest there is a URL – The website is full of links! There are so many opportunities to point people in the direction of your website, you just need to make sure that the images you upload link back to you.

3. Your business needs Pinterest for market research

Want to stay up to date with current trends within your sector? Of course you do, so create a board and get pinning! The great thing about Pinterest is that it will recommend similar pins and away you go! You can achieve beautiful, full up boards in no time.

4. Exposing your brand to more eyes

Pinterest is not only good for marketing your business through the posting of brand imagery. If you add a “save pin” button to your own website, people will spread the word of your good content without you even having to try- it’s a win-win situation!

pinterest image of a woman surrounded by photos

Pinterest is great to get your business out there.

5. Get your point across

Pinterest isn’t always just for images. Not only can your pins be beautiful and visual, but you can also easily add wording to these images to entice viewers and get them over to your site quicker.

6. Contribution

Why not get your team involved? Through Pinterest, you can invite other users to collaborate on boards. Why not have a brainstorming session about the brand through Pinterest? Now that’s much more fun than sitting in the meeting room with a notepad!

There are many reasons why your business needs Pinterest- these are just a few! Still feeling stuck about all things social media? Why not book in for one of our FREE social media clinics?