Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Why Your Business Should Be On Instagram

Well, why not?

Instagram is one of the largest social media networks, so if you’re not on it, you’re potentially missing out on customers.

You may think your business isn’t suited to Instagram, but I would be very surprised as to why.

Instagram is all about visuals. You may think it’s all pictures of peoples dinners or selfies, but there is an amazing opportunity for businesses to share the visual aspect of what they’re up to. Be it graphics designed following the company colours and style to pictures of the team, there are so many opportunities for you to promote your business through Instagram. Here is a list of ideas of what your business can post.

The Team

Posting pictures of what the team are up to not only makes your company more approachable and memorable to potential clients, it also shows to potential employee’s why they should be working for you! From birthday cakes in the office to networking events, people respond well to what businesses are up to.

The Community

Are you a one-man band and struggling to put up lots of pictures of “the team”? Why not post pictures of your “community”?

Our office is based in Guildford town centre, so guess what we post pictures of, whatever’s going on along the high street! From shop front decorations to buskers, there’s so much content out there so have a think!

The Brand

Having pictures of The Team and Community work well for beautifying your Instagram, but what if people forget what you actually do?

It’s worth creating some simple graphics which get across what you do – Your key products or services you sell, company values, events and overall why people should work with you.

Don’t Just Post and Forget It

One thing we are keen to keep in people’s minds is don’t just post your picture and forget it – Engage with people that are commenting, show some interest in them and what they do also, you never know who you might ‘meet’!

Are you looking to learn more about Instagram or other social media channels? We hold Free Social Media Clinic’s in our Guildford office to brainstorm ideas on how to improve your digital presence – Book in here!




Jonathan Bird

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Jonathan Bird