If you really want to catch the attention of your target audience you need to power up your content and marketing efforts. Marketers are working on perfecting the content because they realize its importance. You shouldn’t be the one missing out on this trend. While you can find various advice on how to approach the content creation process, there are only a few that really work. Continue reading if you are curious about content creation secrets that will really bring you some noticeable results…

1. Spark their curiosity

Composing well-written content often isn’t enough for readers. You need something interesting that will make them curious.

There is a specific technique you can use called the curiosity gap. Joanna Wiebe, a copywriter from Copy Hackers claims that using curiosity gaps on their pricing page increased clicks on it by 927%.

The curiosity gap is when your content makes the readers curious about the answer without having an idea of what it could be. Wordstream explained this copywriting technique in great detail.

When you plant a seed of mystery, the readers will have no other choice but to read the whole text and clarify their doubts.

2. Simplify as much as you can

Using big words won’t make you sound smarter. It will just confuse the readers.

If people see complex wording and weird sentence structure, they will instantly back off. Whatever you are writing about, your content needs to be simple, readable, and direct. No one should use a dictionary when reading your post.

What can help with this part is if you run your content through readability checker.

3. Diversify your content creation

Try to write about different topics. This will keep your readers on their toes, waiting for the next surprise.

Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard and write about cat food on your fishing blog, but include diversity within your niche.

Do a thorough research when searching for new topics and if possible include trending topics. You can find those by using Google Trends.

4. Give your readers something to read

Longer articles signal your readers that you deliver quality. Short articles can seem superficial.

Make sure that you really include relevant information and interesting facts. Show your readers that you care for them enough to do thorough research.

A study has found that longer articles rank higher in Google. This only proves that the audience prefers longer content.

Try to aim for 1,000 to 2,000 words.

5. Only link to high-authority websites

Writers add links to their posts to provide some extra information to the readers and back up their content with valuable information. However, be very careful about who you are referencing in your posts.

Any time you add a link to your content it needs to lead to a proven authority site.

The readers will easily recognize if you link to weak sources and that will affect your credibility. You shouldn’t risk undermining your work because of someone else’s poor research.

6. Include real-life examples

Add some personalization with real-life examples. Readers love to hear about situations that actually happened.

This approach will add some life to your post.

Explain to the readers how others have benefited from your advice or story. In case you don’t have a personal example to share, you can always quote someone.

7. Decide on a specific writing style

Make your content recognizable by having a unique writing style. When your readers get used to how you write, they will keep coming back to what’s familiar to them – your content.

In case you aren’t sure how to find your style, you can work with professional writers through online writing services like WowGrade.net. Their experts can give you some useful tips.

8. Use visuals

Visual content plays a huge part in making your content attractive. To simplify, people are visual beings and you should use that to your advantage.

You can play with different types of visuals such as:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • GIFs
  • Memes

Make your pick based on the type of content you are creating.

9. Create actionable content

While writing about industry news will provide valuable information to the readers, keep in mind that people prefer content that is actionable.

The reason is that people tend to lean towards content that can help them improve in some way.

Some high-performing content types are:

  • Advice articles
  • How-to guides
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Lists
  • Question and answer articles
  • Checklists

Give your readers actionable tips that can benefit them.

10. Be active on social media

Social media platforms have really changed up the game. Whatever you are doing, you need this powerful marketing tool.

If you haven’t been using social media for promoting your content, it is time that you start.

Besides publishing consistent posts, use social media to bring attention to your content. It is much easier to attract people’s attention to a social media post than to a website or a blog.

For example, you can post a funny picture on Instagram related to your topic, add an interesting description, along with a link that leads to your post.

Wrapping up

Now that you know these little content creation secrets, it is time that you put them to use. It will be such a waste if you don’t try these tips and get proof that they actually work.

Just keep in mind that everything takes time and you can’t achieve overnight success. Put your energy and time into impressing readers with your content and you’ll realize how much power it has.

Adriana Veasey has years of experience working as a content editor. Currently, she is working as a writer and editor at Study Ton. She is always perfecting her skills by attending various seminars and conferences. Even though writing is her passion, she really enjoys helping other authors. 

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