About 319.6 billion emails are sent each day which is why indicating that email marketing campaigns are still relevant to this day. Marketers know that email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel, with an ROI of 4,400%.

But maintaining high engagement rates gets more complex if you’ve been providing email marketing services for a while. A consumer receives hundreds of emails daily that are often generic and not particularly personalized.

Effective email marketing is crucial for small businesses and it requires exceptional deliverability and understanding of different types of email such as transactional email and free email. 

In this blog, you’ll learn 10 methods to make your email marketing more engaging and effective. Employing the tested methods, you will be able to achieve higher email open rates and even greater conversions.

Let’s begin.

10 Proven Methods For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

There’s a ton of material available to learn online. From link-building services to email marketing, everything can be learned on the web. For link-building, you’ll need to understand SEO to perform well. However, for email marketing, in particular, there are certain methods that you can employ to get better results. 

Let’s dive right into these tested methods.

1. Utilize Behavioural-Based Segmentation

To ensure that your emails are highly targeted and relevant to your customers, they must be highly personalized. In a recent Salesforce survey, 57% of respondents indicated they would be willing to exchange personal information for personalized content.

Many email service providers specialize in running different types of email campaigns, working for small and large businesses. If you haven’t segmented your consumers yet, you may be losing out. 

You can start a special relationship from the first email you send recipients. However, it is not very easy.

When it comes to email marketing, behavioural segmentation is a good practice. You can better understand what offers your users will appreciate if you use your mailing list provider to track their interests and transaction histories.

This will get you higher open rates and click-through rates.

2. Build An Organic List

Email marketing is an art that takes time to master. Once you know more about email marketing, you’ll realize that building an organic list is far better than using random emails and leaving it to fate.

Email lists should not be bought or scraped. Your products and services may not be of interest to unknown subscribers. If you’re looking to convert and make money, you should put effort into building a quality list of users who can be potential customers.

Building your list from scratch takes time and resources, but investing is worthwhile. Your email marketing campaigns will be more effective if you create a custom list that accurately reflects the interests of your target audience. Additionally, you are more likely to reduce spam by building your subscriber list.

Do you have an email marketing strategy for building your organic list? You may find the following tactics helpful:

  • Create landing pages, emails, and social media campaigns that promote sign-ups.
  • Create an opt-in web form. Place this form throughout your site for easy access by designing a simple form. Further, don’t ask your audience to provide too much information.
  • If you offer an opt-in page, ensure that you do not intend to send spam to potential subscribers.
  • Provide your audience with sound advice through a blog that covers relevant topics. If you do this, your subscribers will be interested in signing up and providing their email addresses.
  • Offer a lead magnet to those who sign up. As a result, your target audience will be encouraged to subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Attractive Subject Lines With Interesting Email Content

The email subject line and sender name are the first things your subscribers will look at in an email. You’ll be able to catch readers’ attention if you use an attractive and clear subject line. 

Additionally, to gain back inactive subscribers, you need to have interesting email designs to help increase brand awareness. 

Helpful Strategies On Creating Attractive Subject Lines:

  • Use a question or fact that is related to your company or brand as a way to hook your audience.
  • Make dull emails stand out by using funny subject lines.
  • Adding the recipient’s name to your subject line will make it more personal.
  • Attract readers to your subject line by including exclusive offers.

A. Describe The Benefits

Describe your email’s benefits to let your audience know precisely what you are offering. You should discuss your products and services in terms of their benefits.

B. Keep Your Content Simple And Strong

A few seconds are all you have to capture your reader’s attention. Your message should not be jumped with word games. You need to improve the experience of reading email content. The art of conveying your message without using unnecessary difficult words is one you need to master if you want to succeed in email marketing. 

C. Focus On Your Audience

Instead of “we,” use “you” when writing your email. Your engagement rate increases as a result of focusing on the customer. Show the reader you care about them rather than boasting about yourself or your product. It is best to keep your email content ‘reader-centric’.

4. Create Valuable And Relevant Content

The key to marketing your brand successfully is to maintain a balance between educating your subscribers by sending promotional emails and introducing new products. Keeping your email focused on “buy” alone is not always a good idea. 

The more valuable your content is to your readers, the more likely you will build an email subscriber list of genuinely interested subscribers with high engagement rates. Use emails to reach potential customers and provide free stuff so that the recipients have an incentive to open your email. 

You can send a welcome email to new subscribers and follow up with them to maintain constant contact. There are multiple templates for everything when it comes to digital marketing. You can do a/b testing with different email templates and try to find the workflow that works best for you.

In addition to free downloads, ebooks, and white papers, you can offer your audience helpful content. 

You can also provide a free trial if you want them to understand your product before buying it. For example, if you’re selling mannequins for retailers, you can show your email recipients how your mannequins can improve their overall sales. You can offer free mannequin trials to see the impact on clothing stores. Since they make the apparel look unique, trendy, and a good fit.

If your email content is valuable and relevant, your audience will open your emails and interact with them more often. For example, you can help your recipients by posting educational content to help them grow their business, such as strategies to grow social media presence and similar business-related topics.

5. Include Optimized CTAs

Mail marketing campaigns have the primary objective of increasing traffic to landing pages. Your website will not generate business if there are no visitors. As a result, subscribers need to interact with visually appealing links and buttons with text that gives them a reason to do so.

You should include an actionable, inspiring, and persuading call-to-action to increase the chances of your customers clicking on them. How can you make your CTA convert better and be easily clickable? Your call to action will be attractive if you follow these methods:

5.1 Eye-Catching Design

Your CTA must have an eye-catching design to encourage subscribers to click. Suppose your product is a kid’s face mask. You need to catch readers’ attention with bright visuals and characters on the product. Further, you can provide educational content (benefits) to complement the email. Making an easy-to-spot CTA is essential for maximum conversions.

To make it easy to see, ensure the colors of your CTA contrast with the rest of your email content. Your CTA should be large enough to be clicked easily.

The following steps can help you create an eye-catching and click-worthy call to action:

  • Pay attention to the CTA when designing your email newsletter.
  • Make your CTA easily stand out and hard to miss by using attractive design and colors.
  • Avoid overwhelming your subscribers, don’t include too many CTAs.

5.2 Link Your CTA To Relevant Landing Pages

Subscribers should be directed to relevant pages after clicking your call to action. If you are emailing recipients regarding cheap flight deals, you should link your CTAs to useful pages. Don’t forget to tie your promises of affordable flight deals to the website page where the users can find them.

5.3 Offer Something Valuable

To reach your subscribers, you need to grab their attention quickly. Include specific benefits for visitors to get the best conversion results. The best emails always provide valuable information and giveaways. You can even offer an invitation to a free webinar. 

5.4 Copy that Persuades

Engage your subscribers with enticing email copy that motivates them to act. To get your subscribers to click your CTA, use more straightforward language with more practical action words. Along with words, you can use gifs to add some personality to your emails. We don’t want to sound like robots.

6. Track, Test, Evaluate And Optimize Your Email Newsletters

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is making improvements with each newsletter. Track your critical email metrics to improve your email marketing campaign by making smarter and data-driven decisions.

Opens, conversions, clicks, spam complaints, unsubscribing, and bounce rates are some key metrics to consider when improving email marketing results. You should analyze your recipients  and figure out why they unsubscribed, didn’t open your newsletter, didn’t click on your linked attachments, etc. 

As a result, you will get a real-time view of your business insight, identify your weak areas, and make decisions accordingly to make your future campaigns more effective. By analyzing real-time data, you can improve retention and revenue metrics by positively influencing the customer experience.

Never send an email newsletter without ensuring that it works properly. Double-check your content to ensure it is precisely what you want. Sending to employee accounts to check is one of many ways to do this. 

7. Personalize Your Emails

Your email’s engagement and conversion rates are higher when you personalize it with specific marketing messages. Be careful not to generalize the content of your emails. Consider writing it as if you were sending it to a customer you consider one of the best.

When you customize your email, your readers will feel more special and want to receive more content from you in the future.

7.1 Strategies For Making Your Email Personal:

  • Write an email that focuses on “you” to deepen your customer relationships.
  • Utilize headers, lists, and images to make your email skimmable.
  • Send emails as individuals, not companies, so your reader knows who you are. As a result, the “from” line looks friendlier.
  • Include a picture of yourself in your email signature. Your brand will seem more human when you have a real person behind it, not a robot.
  • Personalize your subject lines and email body text with email marketing tools such as MailChimp or Wishpond.
  • Send your email with the recipient’s name in the subject line and body. Increase your engagement rate by including the name of your audience in your email. 

8. Plan Automated Emails for Your Campaign

The automation of email campaigns is a critical component of making them relevant. Email automation can increase one-to-one communication with your target audience, reducing the number of employees you need.

Email marketing automation software has become more affordable due to technological advancements. To help you to deliver the right email content to your prospects and customers, here is a quick guide to building a powerful email automation system:

  • Regularly sending emails to your customers will help you build stronger relationships.
  • Develop brand familiarity with nurtured leads by sending different types of emails.
  • Your email process can be automated using tools such as Mailchimp or Sendinblue.

9. Mobile-Optimized Emails

Email is read and interacted with more often by mobile device users than by PC users. Therefore, you should ensure that your email marketing practices are compatible with mobile devices. Here are some ways you can ensure the best experience for your mobile subscribers:

9.1 Use A Responsive Design

Email content designed responsively looks great on both desktops and mobile devices. You need to consider some elements for successfully implementing your email marketing goals and a practical, responsive email newsletter design.

These include:

  • Use a single-column design.
  • Reduce the number of images in your body.
  • Ensure the font size of your text is readable.
  • Make your call-to-action buttons big enough to tap with a finger easily.
  • Create brief and scannable content.
  • Make your content brief and scannable by bolding your headlines and using bullets to make your content a quick read.

9.2 Optimize Your Landing Page To Mobile Friendly

You should optimize your website landing pages for mobile devices once you have provided clickable calls to action. 

9.3 Make Use Of Mobile Technology

You can generate leads from your email marketing campaigns using mobile technologies such as QR codes and mobile apps.

9.5 Use Videos

You can direct customers toward a video that speaks volumes about your brand and the value it can provide. Use video editors to create attractive videos and tell your brand story in a way that attracts more users. For your effective marketing, it must grab viewers’ attention before they decide they aren’t interested in it. Creative videos help in achieving just that and more. 

9.6 Use Influencers

Just like in other mediums of marketing, email marketing is also a great platform to use influencers for. If your brand is fitness clothing, you can use fitness influencers to appeal better to the recipients and make your email hard to ignore.

10. Let Your Subscribers Easily Manage Their Subscription

Although you try to make your emails highly interactive, not everyone will engage with them. It’s widespread for people to opt-out of email marketing campaigns by unsubscribing from mailing lists.

Your unsubscription rate should be as low as possible, but you should include an “unsubscribe” link in your emails. Your audience may feel you’re encouraging them to stop listening by allowing them to opt out, but making the unsubscribe process as straightforward as possible will prevent them from flagging your emails as spam, which is good for the future success of your client relationship.

Additionally, you can redirect them to other options, such as the “manage subscription” button, which allows them to opt out of emails they don’t need and select the content they want. Building trust with your audience will help you succeed.

You may be able to attract customers through your products and services, but most people hate receiving junk email series regularly. To ensure that your audience has the means to contact your company, you should also provide an “unsubscribe” option in your footer.

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Wrapping Up

When it comes to building your brand and engaging customers, email marketing remains the best tool. For this reason, your business must become successful in this field. It takes a lot of effort to make email marketing campaigns successful. Using the methods provided in this blog, you can take your email marketing game to the next level.

I’d say, personalized emails and analysis of metrics are two of the most important methods that we discussed above.

Read our blogs to find more interesting business-related blogs that can provide you with valuable knowledge to improve your conversions.