4 ways to get attention for your blogs using Twitter

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Get attention for your blogs using Twitter

There are over 80 million people who use Twitter, an amazing social media platform – all for different reasons (personal accounts, businesses etc). Here’s some top tips on how to boost attention towards your blogs using Twitter

Use images in your tweets

Did you know that Twitter gets 2⨉ the engagement rate when adding an image into your tweet? A lot of people who use this social media platform don’t realise just how important using images within your tweet actually is. It’s not just about the image though – when seeing a tweet that has an image attached, it automatically diverts your attention as it becomes slightly more interesting. This now means the tweet is worth reading! It’s exciting!

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Sharing others’ work

Twitter allows you to share other people’s tweets – this is called retweeting. The purpose of this is to share among your fellow community what other businesses are up to. This is great for businesses: the more other user’s retweet, the more attraction they get. This grabs attention for your blogs for the simple reason that if you share other people’s work, then there’s a high chance of them sharing yours. This means there are now more people reading your blogs! It makes a huge difference. 

Pin a tweet

The first post you see on a Twitter account is always the pinned tweet – this is a specific tweet that someone wants other people to see at the top of their profile. Whether it’s something to do with your business or something personal etc, everyone always sees this! Each time you upload a blog, it’s always good to pin this tweet and share it all over your Twitter account, so others can see your latest output. It’s an update too, so it’s nice for the people that are commonly interested in your account to see this.

Adding links into your tweets

It is a good idea to always add links into your tweets – whether it’s a link to your website, or something totally different. This allows other Twitter users to engage more with what you are posting, and if your tweet has a link that allows them to take a look at all your other social media platforms, then you’ve just earned yourself that missing engagement. Why not give it a try?!

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