Want to grow a Twitter following for your business? Follow our top tips to grow a massive Twitter following below:

  • Offer something of value to your audience.

The first premise is simple: direct sales are outdated, and relationship building is the key to gaining customer trust. Offer your followers advice and information that is beneficial and free. Simply asking for strangers to buy something for you won’t work.

  • Engage, engage, engage.

Refrain from robotically posting and ignoring those that like or comment on your posts. Interact with those that do, and initiate new interaction with others, whether it’s a like, a question, or a private message. Befriend those you wish to eventually sell to. Post fun questions to encourage interaction. This is one of the best tips to grow a massive Twitter following we can give!

  • Offer interesting and attractive content.

We are visual creatures, and we are attracted to beautiful things. This is also true on social media. Take the time to post attractive photos and images to draw your followers in to your posts. Bright, clear photos are optimal. Each post should have a correlating photo or video.

  • Be specific about who you follow.

Randomly following accounts may get you an increase in numbers, but it won’t give you followers who are particularly interested in your business or who will engage with you. Find a business account that’s similar to yours. It should have an admirable follow ratio (substantially more followers than those it is following), and should offer a product or service that resembles what yours is offering.

  • Know the optimal times to post.

Take advantage of analytics tools to find out when your posts have the most engagement (likes and comments). Studies have shown that overall, the best times to post are between 1 pm-3 pm and the best day to post is on Wednesdays. Be consistent so that you’re not posting worthy content when your audience isn’t paying attention.

So, there are some top tips to grow a massive Twitter following! Want to learn more about social media and how to use it to grow your business? Book in for a FREE Social Clinic with us at Delivered Social!