Everyone wants their business to be seen by more people, right? There are lots of ways in which this can be achieved, but often some of the simplest solutions are overlooked! One of these is blogger outreach. Check out this simple video by out Head Honcho, Jonathan Bird, explaining what it is. And, for more blogger outreach tips, read on…

But what is blogger outreach?

Blogger outreach involves approaching bloggers and other online influencers so that they can talk about your product or service. This can be on a gifted basis, where the bloggers aren’t paid but receive something for free, or sponsored, where the bloggers are paid in exchange for their content. Don’t overlook the rules and regulations that surround blogger outreach- there will be more on that later!

Blogger outreach is great because it allows the bloggers to experience your product or service, enjoy it, and then write about it! The bloggers you have chosen will not only produce content about your business on their blogs, but they will often amplify your message by posting about you on their social media platforms. It’s an amazing way to get your business out there and attract a whole new customer base!

Blogger Outreach Tips and Tricks

If you’ve not done blogger outreach before, it might seem a bit daunting. Where do you find the bloggers? How do you choose the right bloggers for you? What happens after they’ve posted about you? We’ve got some helpful hints to help you on your way!

Only approach those bloggers that you genuinely want to see writing about your business.

To get the best results, take some time to research your bloggers rather than just contacting the first ones you come across. Who are they? What are they passionate about? What have they genuinely recommended in the past? Make sure that you’ll be a good fit for each other. One genuine recommendation from a blogger who truly LOVES what you offer will be worth a lot more to your business than lots of half-hearted recommendations from bloggers who don’t really care. Make sure your blogger outreach campaign is of high quality!

Share your bloggers back!

One of the key blogger outreach tips is to share the love. They’ll do your business a world of good by sharing what you do across their blogs and social media channels, whether it’s on a paid or gifted basis. Share the love and shout about them too! Why not post on your socials when a blog post has gone live? Or simply post a shout out to all the bloggers who took part in your campaign. Make them feel good about having helped you out, and they’ll more than likely to be happy to do the same again.

Don’t forget to thank your bloggers.

Write them a note or even a tweet to say thank you as soon as you can after they’ve posted about your business. But you could also go one step further than most other businesses will. A few months down the line, why not go back to your bloggers, check in, and ask if they’re still using and enjoying what you sent them? This will let them know that you’ve not forgotten about them. Also, it will help build relationships with them, so you can launch blogger outreach campaigns with them again!

Rules and Regulations: More Blogger Outreach Tips

As with most things in life, there are dos and don’ts that you should follow with any blogger outreach campaign. Make sure you treat them in a respectful and professional manner like you would with any colleague- they are working with you after all! Be clear about what you’re offering and what the bloggers can expect from the campaign. For example, don’t promise it will be paid when you have no budget! Along with this, you should be realistic. Bloggers have other commitments beyond social media, so don’t ask for too much from them. If you do, they’ll likely get annoyed and not want to work with you again.

Also, most bloggers like to have creative control over their content- and you should allow this if you can! Not only will it feel more authentic to their audience, but lots of blogs have the same readers. If every blogger is posting the same content, readers will quickly get bored.

Finally, make sure you’re treating your blogger’s data properly. You will probably need personal information, such as their address or phone number. Make sure you’re being GDPR compliant and make it clear to your bloggers that you won’t be doing anything that you shouldn’t with their data. This will make sure everyone feels comfortable working with you, and will likely want to do so again.

Blogger outreach is a great tool that helps your business be seen by more people. If you want to learn more blogger outreach tips and how you can use it for the best results, why not get in touch with Delivered Social? We can help you make the most out of blogger outreach, as well as other ways you can improve your business! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!