Building a reputation is one thing, but managing and developing it as a business is a whole other ball game. We have secured quarterly PR  for clients in loads of sectors, giving them the positive media attention that is so beneficial for any business. It helps reach new audiences and gain trust from people you may not have impacted otherwise.

If you’ve got a reputation to uphold or a message to spread, PR is all about managing that so we’d highly recommend jumping at any chance you get. That’s why our experts work with clients to get their brand into the wider media.

But what exactly is PR?

Everyone that may have a reason to work with you or buy from you, will have or develop an opinion about your business. This opinion will determine the direction they take and who they choose to work with.

PR or ‘Public Relations’ is a way for businesses to increase the trust between them and the public. Gaining exposure through other platforms that you may not target on a daily basis. For example, back in June, we won a PR opportunity with an article in the Telegraph. Platforms like this that are reputable and well-liked can push a brand and message to a much wider audience.

As well as PR building positive relationships between businesses and the public, it can secure a great means of crisis management if a situation were to ever arise. Having your name and content shared by trusted, credible organisations can be a life-saver in more ways than one.

It gives you a solid foundation on which to share anything you need to. Even if it is to do some damage control!

Although, for a long time it has been thought that PR was only good for this reason. But every company wants their name out there as much as possible. So it’s a no-brainer that PR should be on your list to achieve that! More shares, more links and more interaction will inevitably lead you to having a greater presence online. (Hopefully that will then mean increased traffic and sales in the long-run!)

Winning PR for clients at Delivered Social

Whether you’re a 100 person company or just getting started and looking for ways to get your name out there, we have tonnes of information and tips on PR-worthy content and how to win those opportunities. Our recent mention in the Telegraph has reached not only our direct audiences but that of the Telegraph themselves. We’re building credibility for the client and the public starts to see that we have content worthy of reading and a brand worth paying attention to.

Something people have loved about working with us at Delivered Social is that, many times we have won PR for clients every quarter. This means that they’re consistently getting noticed by the wider public. We help them create engaging, meaningful content to be released by well trusted platforms.

Another reason we push for PR is the fact that it can help set you apart from competitors. Our clients come to us to get noticed and we help develop their skills to do so. But part of getting noticed is being out there for people to find.

PR allows you to reinforce your message and can add value to your product or service, simply by increasing it’s visibility. It does not only promote what you’re selling, but promotes you as a business.

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Why should I worry about PR?

We’re very digitally-minded at Delivered Social and a key aspect of PR is for the benefits of your online presence.

Everyone is online now, so it’s essential you are visible online to as many of your target audience as possible. We can help identify the best channels for your company to be present on and how you are best going to be recognised.

In the past, we’ve worked with clients on press-releases, articles and other content that has been so positive in increasing their online visibility.

Also, it can change the way people think about your business. True or not, people are going to say anything about a business. The unfortunate thing is, people will often believe it even if it’s bad.

This is where PR campaigns can come in handy. They can support your positive stances and reiterate to people the messages you want to portray to the public.

Coming from a primary source- people are going to listen. They’ll see their trusted platforms supporting your company and remember that you’re now a trusted brand too.

The more places people can see you and the more people that are talking about you, the easier it will be for prospective clients to find their way in as leads. PR helps makes these conversations positive and keep your company fresh in people’s minds.

Most of our Public Relations clients come in for our free Social Clinic. We have a chat about what you’re looking for and where we can help. From there, we can put together a perfect PR strategy for you!

Get in touch today and we’ll get the ball rolling!


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