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To blog or not to blog – that is the question, right? Many company owners start out with the best intentions when it comes to blogging. I know this because everyone who buys a website at Delivered Social says the words ‘it must have a blog’. So, before I answer your question of why having a digital marketing company blog is so important to digital marketing agencies let me ask you this. Why are blog pages on websites so often the most sparse and barren places?

Using your blog is one of the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness. It can tell your customers what type of agency you are. It can inform your customers about the way you like to work. It can drive inbound enquiries to your business, and it can even help swing the vote of someone who wants to work at a company to sign on the dotted line. There is no doubt about it. Your blog is a powerful tool.

In 2020 Delivered Social started to take our blog and SEO (search engine optimisation) more seriously. Looking back at it, I honestly don’t know why we didn’t take this step and dedicate more time to it before.

Let me show you our Google Analytics (for Organic Search) and you will instantly see the power of using your blog.

Delivered social blog analytics

Notice how at the beginning of the year traffic was coming in like a dripping tap? It was there, but it wasn’t really growing and the numbers weren’t that great. As a result, we needed to figure out what type of content our readers wanted, the information we wanted to put out there and how to make it Google-friendly to get more of the right eyeballs focusing on it.

So how did we get these results? We took a few steps to help out traffic grow, which included:

  • We went back through all our old blog posts and ensured that they were (where possible at least) the best they could be. This included adding in more content where it was sparse, adding more images, making sure the basics like a meta description, categories, and tags were there, and just ensuring that the whole thing was SEO’d as much as possible.
  • Then, we looked at new blogs we wanted to write (about 100 of them) and basically wrote them. To do this, we did a fair bit of keyword research to see what people were looking for on Google. Then, we could write the blog post that they were looking for!
  • We shared absolutely everything from our digital marketing company blog on social media to help gain awareness and generate links to both the old and new blogs. Links are important as it shows Google that your blog has more authority. However, many people struggle with how to get these links. Adding them to your social media is one of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways to do this!
  • We invited guest writers to come and feature on the site – but we gave them assignments on what we wanted to feature. This meant that we had more consistent quality content appearing on our blog, but we didn’t have to write the posts ourselves! If you want to know more about guest blogging and its benefits, check out this page for our guest bloggers and it should give you an idea of the sort of thing I’m talking about.

Feeling inspired? I hope so.

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Here’s Why having a digital marketing company blog is so important (if you don’t already have one)…

Increase your traffic

That’s what the whole of this article has been about so far, but it truly is the best reason to have a blog for your digital marketing company. SEO and attracting more traffic to your website can be a tricky process, but blogging can really help. For example, you may have done some keyword research to discover the best keywords that your website should be targeting, but you’ve struggled to come up with decent quality pages for them. That’s where blogging comes in.

It’s a lot easier to write a blog about a more obscure keyword than it is to create a page and link it back to your business to get sales in some way. Blogs are a lot more versatile than pages can be when it comes to content, so it gives you a good excuse to get a bit creative and also increase your traffic as a result.

Get more customers

Have you thought about the ways in which a digital marketing company blog can help you get more customers? Yes, getting more traffic is one thing, but how do you convert this traffic into paying customers? Firstly, the answer comes down to the difference between copywriting and content creation. You may think that they’re the same thing, but there are definite similarities. Copywriting is the act of writing copy that sells something. An example of this would be a product description. The aim of this is to sell that particular product to your customers.

But what’s content creation? Yes, this is writing too, and its ultimate aim can be to help boost sales. But, it’s not direct sales copy. It also adds value to the reader in another way. For example, you could write a blog post about how to save time when creating social media posts. One of the parts of this blog could be hiring the services of a digital marketing company such as yourself to do the work for them. This is selling your services to potentially interested parties, but it’s not the sole focus of the article. This makes the content feel a lot more authentic and less ‘sell, sell, sell’.

However, how can this help you get more customers? Well, firstly, people don’t tend to like it when they feel like they’re being blatantly sold to. So, having your sales content in there subtly is a way to not turn them off it immediately. Also, writing blogs on the subject of digital marketing helps to place you as an expert in the field. Potential customers can see that you really know your stuff, and they’re far more likely to want to hire a company that actually practices what they preach and really knows the industry, right?

Having a digital marketing company blog is a really great way to help you get more customers, but you need to ensure that you’re getting your content right. Don’t try to be too salesy, and make sure that your blogs are actually giving readers useful information on top of talking about your services, and you can’t go too far wrong.

It gives you an outlet to show off what you can do

I’ve already mentioned this briefly, but having a digital marketing company blog gives you an amazing platform where you can show off about your knowledge, skills, products, and so on. If you really know your stuff about one particular element of digital marketing, having a blog is the perfect place to share what you know with the world. This places you as an expert, which is great for your personal image in the industry, as well as your businesses’.

Plus, if you’re really passionate about your business and the digital marketing industry, who wouldn’t want to share this passion with the world? There are no set rules when it comes to having a company blog (apart from perhaps keeping it at least somewhat professional…) so it’s truly up to you what you share! New product launches, cool news from the industry, top tips, other people’s work that you admire, infographics, the list is endless. Where else are you going to get such a fun business opportunity that allows you to expand your reach and talk about what interests you at the same time?

Man reading a blog

A digital marketing company blog allows you to connect more with your customers

The aim of every good business owner is to form meaningful relationships with their customers, right? After all, there are so many benefits to doing so, including expanding your professional network and, of course, getting those all-important repeating customers. A company blog gives you another touchpoint to be able to make those connections with them. Firstly, make sure that you’re sharing your latest blog posts with your mailing list, to help drive more clicks and engagement with them.

However, the blogs themselves are also good for expanding your mailing list. Why not have a popup asking people to subscribe if they enjoyed this post? Something that we’ve also recently introduced is a pop-up offering people reading our blog a discount on a new website, so if they like what we’re writing and are interested in our services, they have an extra incentive to sign up with us.

Providing new, old, and potential customers alike with quality information on your digital marketing company blog is a great way to keep in touch with them and remind them that you’re there and can help them with all their digital marketing needs! So, what’s not to love about that?

There are clearly so many benefits to having a company blog for your agency. In fact, I would go as far to say that our blog, along with working on the wider SEO of our site, has been the most important thing for driving traffic and sales to our website this year! What are you waiting or? If you need inspiration on the sort of thing to post, why not check out the Delivered Social blog and see what we like to talk about?

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