“You are out of business if you don’t have a prospect.”

—Zig Ziglar

‘Turning prospects into customers’ is the success mantra for any business owner. In order to increase the number of customers, it is significant to keep the sales funnel filled with quality leads. However, generating a myriad of leads isn’t easy, and that’s why business owners generally take the help of lead generation companies UK as the latter has all the experience required to generate qualified leads in a jiffy. Lead generation service providers employ several tactics in order to offer maximum leads to their clients. And email marketing is one of the strategies that play a prime role in the lead generation process. Owing to this, businesses that handle the lead generation process by themselves also try their hand at email marketing, but due to lack of experience, they struggle to generate leads. Here are some tips for email lead generation to fill the sales funnel:

1.   The key to email lead generation is catchy subject lines

To generate leads with the help of email marketing, it is prominent to write catchy subject lines. This is so because whenever we receive emails, the factor that draws attention is eye-catching subject lines. On the flip side, emails that have poor or dreary subject lines often get deleted without being read. In short, subject lines are the factor on which the email open rate depends.

Many lead generation companies UK are familiar with this fact, therefore, they tell their marketers to write compelling subject lines before sending lead generating emails to prospects. Thus, if you are handling the lead generation process on your own, make sure that your lead generating emails contain enticing subject lines.

Here are some suggestions that would be handy while creating enticing subject lines:

  • Keep subject lines short and relevant.
  • Stay away from spammy words like Magic, Free, etc. as these affect email open rate in a negative manner.

2.    Amazing content is vital in email lead generation to fill the sales funnel

Getting your sent emails opened is good, but to get leads in the sales funnel, it is important to ensure that prospects read the received email thoroughly. For this, email content should be amazing. This is so because potential customers often read those emails properly that consist of high-quality content.

This factor shouldn’t be overlooked because whenever prospects see unappealing content, they are more likely to delete the received emails. As a negative consequence, this affects the whole lead generation process. In a nutshell, developing alluring email content is important as equally as creating catchy subject lines.

Therefore, if you want to fill the sales funnel without taking the help of lead generation companies UK, make certain that your lead generating emails contain high-quality content. In order to help you, here are some vital tips:

  • Use simpler language while writing email content.
  • Add the company’s website link so that prospects can easily access more products/services-related information if they want to.
  • Attach attention-grabbing photos and short videos that can persuade prospects to make a buying decision.

3.    Encourage readers to forward emails to others

With time, generating leads has become one of the onerous tasks for business owners. That’s the main reason why the services of lead generation companies UK are in so demand. Reputed lead generation service providers always help their clients by keeping the hassle of half-filled sales funnel at bay.

Unlike MNCs, SMEs often don’t opt to avail lead generation services of reputed vendors as the former want to fill the sales funnel without taking any external help. Here, it is imperative for businesses (that handle the lead generation process) to ensure that their lead generating emails reach to maximum prospects.

For this, it is significant to encourage readers to forward the received emails to their friend circle. This can really open the door of success because whenever people receive emails from their friends, the former not only read appropriately but also consider products/services to buy.

How to encourage readers to forward emails to others? Just add phrases like “Did you enjoy this email? Feel free to forward it to your friends,” “Know someone who can be interested in our products/services? Hit the forward button now,” etc. at the end of your high-quality emails.

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