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An Evergreen post is a post that can be used year-round on your social media, no matter the season, day, week, month etc! So, it’s not specific to any one season, such as Christmas, summer, or a birthday. As a result, the post can be used again and again on your socials every few months. But, there’s a clever way to make the text different each time, and it’s called spintext!

To create spintext, you need these brackets { } and this separator | . Within the brackets, you can write several different versions of the same text. Our social management system will choose one of them each time it posts, so it’s different every time! You can use several instances of spintext in a post to really mix it up. You can even include different hashtags!

{This is what spintext looks like|Spintext looks like this}

The whole thing should be enclosed by the brackets. You should put the spacer between each separate bit of text- there’s no need for spaces! Here’s a short example of a post with spintext in it:

“{Confused|Baffled|Stumped|Intrigued} by Digital Marketing? 🤯
{Do you have|Got} a {free|spare} {seventeen|17} minutes? Check out this link in your browser

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