How to get noticed on twitter

How to get noticed on twitter

Like millions of people, I have had a twitter account for many years, mainly using to see what celebrities are up to and to track what everyone is talking about in the world. More recently, however, I have been using it to create an online presence for my own brand. I have built my own website about being a university student, and I have also shared articles that I have written for another website, on the topics of psychology and mental health. For this, I created a new account and came up against the new problem of having 0 followers.

I looked online for advice on how to gain followers, and I would recommend looking for such advice if you are in the situation I was. However, the advice can be different depending on your brand. Since I started this process, I’ve always thought that it would be easier if I had a product to sell. The product I am trying to promote is myself; my own thoughts about university, psychology and mental health. The challenge was that not only do I need twitter users to see my profile and twitter feed, I also need them to click on any links I provide.

After reading through different pieces of advice, I started following influential twitter users in the field. I would recommend following a variety of different twitter accounts as it then generates a lot of potential interactions on your twitter feed. From there, you can start to make connections and find out more information about your subject area on twitter – perhaps what works and what doesn’t.

I didn’t have a website for a couple of months, but when I started to discuss it, I found that I gained followers. Therefore, I think tracking what you post and how it affects the amount of followers you have can help for future tweeting.

I am still in the infancy of my new twitter account, but I am enjoying the challenge. Using Instagram is next on my list, but I have only ever used it to look at the photos celebrities post (there’s a theme to my past social media usage!) and I find that more of a challenge with how I will use it – isn’t it just for photos? I will find out…


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