Are you a blogger looking to build up your portfolio? You may be sitting there wondering how the hell people get to work with brands and why it isn’t you? Here are some handy tips to get noticed and begin working with brands that are of interest to you!

working with brands

Twitter is a great place to work with brands

Thinking about how to work with brands? Try Twitter

If you’re not a Twitter user, get on it! It’s the place to be for bloggers.

Along with informative articles on how to improve your blog, or inspo from fellow bloggers, a lot of brands reach out to bloggers here. Take a look under #bloggerswanted and get responding to posts that are suitable for you and your blog.

We would suggest also looking at hashtags such as #businesshour and #handmadehour. Get chatting to brands so when they have opportunities in the future, they will have you in mind!

Blogger Platforms are great for working with brands

Many social media and PR companies have their own blogger platforms where you can sign up and keep up to date with any new opportunities. Why not sign up to ours?

Please note, some of these databases will have requirements, for example, your DA must be 20+, but do not be disheartened, as some (like ours!) are completely open.

how to work with brands

Blogger platforms can be useful to find brands to work with

Trade Shows and Events Are Another Good Idea

This one isn’t as direct, but when going along to different trade shows and events, you will instantly make a connection with brands. This won’t be as direct as the Twitter approach, as you won’t know if they’re looking for bloggers to work with, but make that connection! Have a chat, get following them, take some pictures of their products and keep in touch with them!

Don’t Think Everything Is For Everyone

Every blog has a niche, so don’t go applying for every single blogger opportunity. You know that deep down some just aren’t for you! You don’t want to give yourself the reputation for someone who applies for every single thing when it’s completely irrelevant. Stay true to yourself and to your blog!

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