Instagram Must Dos

Follow these handy hints and tips to make the most of Instagram!

Marketing on Instagram has never been so powerful so keep reading to get an insight on how to use the platform to your companies advantage.

Theme it up:

Keep to a colour scheme on your Instagram to be visually appealing to consumers, the easiest way to do this is in grey scale. Using editing apps such as Facetune and VSCO Cam and sticking with one filter can make your feed look really stylish.

Shoot square:

This is a spin-off from the above, and if you want your account to look smart,  keep all of your photos even-sided.


These are quite literally gold dust. Use hashtagging well and you can open up a world of opportunity to your account. If you’re not hashtagging, how on earth will people find you? Brand visibility is a MUST.



If someone complimented you on your shoes, you wouldn’t stare at them blank in the face then walk away, so why do it on social media? If someone has commented – reply. Engage with your audience and I can guarantee they will think of your account more fondly.

Keep it simple:

Don’t overwhelm your audience by posting every hour on the hour using useless and uninteresting material. Once or twice a day using strong content is sufficient.

Use link shorteners:

The advantage of using software such as is that you can monitor accurate click rates from Instagram which google analytics can’t do from a mobile Instagram account.

Share the love:

Cross-promote other accounts, you’re bound to get a thank you & a follow from them, it’s a win-win situation. Plus other people usually have awesome images and could give you some great inspiration.

Tell your story:

Now you can use hashtags, account tags and location tags in stories, use them! This is the same principle of regular hashtags. Hashtags = visibility.

Partner with influencers:

There is nothing more powerful than people with a huge fanbase. Get in touch with various influences to promote your brand or products.

Capture with captions:

It’s one thing having a good image, but it’s another writing a good caption for it. Captions can be key to invite the reader, a picture says a thousand words but adding 20 words to that picture pushes it that extra mile.