Mandira’s Kitchen Royal Visit

Delivered Social got involved…

On Wednesday 6th November, our videographer Ben headed over to Silent Pool to visit Mandira’s Kitchen. There was a very special reason for his visit! Mandira’s Kitchen received a royal visit from His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, to celebrate the work of Surrey Hills Enterprises! Take a look at the video that Ben captured here on our YouTube channel:

Mandira’s Kitchen Royal Visit

The Earl of Wessex arrived to be greeted by Mandira, her friends and family, and others she works with. The Earl took the opportunity to meet staff and help with the preparation of the food. To start Mandira’s Kitchen royal visit, Mandira gave the Earl a ‘Spice Tour’. She spoke about the different spices she uses and the Indian heritage of her food. She then took him through to the kitchens to meet the team, including the chefs. The Earl then prepared one of the dishes alongside the team. He even helped with breaking the bread, which is a very important piece of Indian culture.

After that, the Earl had the opportunity to make his own packaging and use the sealing machine to add the finishing touches to his dish! He then ventured back outside to meet the crowds. For the final piece of his visit, the Earl unveiled a plaque. It signifies the official grand opening of Mandira’s Kitchen. He then went on to the next stop of the tour with a cooler bag full of one of each of Mandira’s delicious meals.

It was a very exciting day for Mandira’s Kitchen with the royal visit. However, we were given exclusive press access to go inside Mandira’s Kitchen with the Earl of Wessex. So, it was also an exciting day for us! To find out more about Mandira’s business and the meals that she creates, visit her website here. In conclusion, if you’d like some videos taken for your business, to showcase a special event or just your day-to-day, get in touch with us now!