My First Week At Delivered Social

Find out what happened during Francesca’s first week…

Hi, I’m Francesca Donaldson and I’d like to tell you all about my first week at Delivered Social.

Firstly, it was such a whirlwind of excitement this week! Joining the team on Wednesday, just two days after my interview which was very relaxed and friendly allowing us to really discuss my potential role within the team.

Whilst I did start my first day with beginners’ nerves after being out of the Design world for a time due to relocating to a new area. I quickly found that the team is very welcoming and friendly. To my surprise, I already had a new nickname, Phillipa. Unfortunately for Jonathan, it hasn’t stuck.

Sitting down believe it or not at my very own desk, to find a Microsoft Surface and a desktop. I was tasked with my first assignments. That was to create three logos for both D’s Hair Creations and Dawn Barnes. Excited to start designing I came to my first stumbling block… Windows, being a Mac user I found it quite the adjustment during my first week at Delivered Social.

My First Week At Delivered Social: What Happened Next

Now I was warned that Dan was going to show me the web design process and that I might get ‘frazzled’. At first, seeing all the coding lined up of the screen it was a bit overwhelming. But through exploring WordPress I have learned the beginnings of editing websites and was pleased to discover that it is simpler than originally thought.

Meeting Pesto was quite the adventure excited for my first client outing, cameras at the ready. Jonathan and I went to film food prep in their stunning kitchen. Only to get stranded in Whitely! Tempted to build a den/fort in the field down the road we made our way to the train station only to wait forty minutes for the next train! I definitely will not be forgetting my first client meeting.

All in all, I am very pleased with my first week at Delivered Social. It has been an excellent start to a new experience packed with learning and chaos. In short, I can only say that I am looking forward to getting accustomed to the fast-paced studio learning all that this role has to offer. I feel so welcomed in my new position. There is Jonathan, Samantha, H (it’s just how we say Harriet in the office), and Dan to thank for that! Finally, I can’t wait to see what awaits myself and the team in the future on the journey ahead.

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