Yesterday we supported Oakleaf with one of our signature Random Acts of Kindness days in Guildford. Read on to find out what happened on our Oakleaf RAK Day…

Oakleaf RAK Day

For those of you who’ve never experienced a RAK day (and if you are in Guildford you really are missing out), it’s literally what it says on the tin, a random act of kindness. The Delivered Social team run around Guildford in the morning dropping little notes through businesses doors inviting them to head over to our Facebook page and enter a four-digit code. We then turn up with a random act of kindness. Yesterday’s goodies included Jammy Doggers, Ice Lollies and lots of other randomnesses. We also donated £1 to Oakleaf for every business that took part. It was great to raise some money with our Oakleaf RAK Day, that benefits an amazing local charity.

Oakleaf are a mental health charity that offers vocational training for people suffering from mental health issues. They do such amazing work in our community and really deserve everyone’s support. You can find out more about them and what they do on their website here.

Our Oakleaf RAK Day was great fun! Check out some of the amazing pictures from the day below or visit our random acts of kindness page to see all the pictures we’ve ever taken for RAK, ever!