Why Is Everyone Talking About Branded Chocolates UK?

We think that using branded chocolates to get your corporate branding message out is a really nice way of making that brand connection with people. Here are just some of the ways you can use them:

  • Sending thank you to a client when they’ve paid their invoice.
  • Including them in a welcome pack or letter that you might send out.
  • Having them available to munch on during meetings.

After all, who doesn’t like chocolate? Ever since we discovered It’s All About The Wrapper, we’ve been thinking of all the different uses for branded chocs. There are plenty of ways you can use these fun chocolates in your marketing and branding- some of them you may not have thought of before! So, if you want to learn some tips to get the best results with branded chocolates UK, read on. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you make the most of this tasty marketing tool!

Delivered Social corporate branded Chocolates

1. Use your branding for great results

Firstly, why not use branded chocolates to show off your own businesses logo? Having your own personalised treats is a great novelty, and they can be used in so many ways. You could give them out to clients so they don’t forget about you. Or, hand them out to employees as a small treat or reward. You might even want to use them in place of a business card at an event– it’s sure that no one would forget you!

Whatever you decide to do with them, having your own branded chocolates is an innovative way to show off your business and your branding! The options really are endless. If you’ve got a fun idea for using branded chocolates for your business, why not let us know? We’re always looking for new ways to use them!

2. Don’t forget your clients’ brands!

So, having your own brand on chocolates is a good idea. But what about your client’s brands? We also recommend getting some branded chocolates with a few of your client’s logos or other branding on them. They make an amazing surprise gift! Who wouldn’t want to get some personalised chocolates in the post?

Plus, sending them out will give your clients a great impression of you. Whether you do it for new clients to welcome them to your business, or for old clients to thank them for their loyalty, they’re sure to go down a treat. Plus, it’s a great reminder to your clients that you are there for them and haven’t forgotten about their custom. Again, there are plenty of ways you can use chocolates with your client’s branding on- you’re only limited by your imagination, but we’re sure that they’ll appreciate it no matter what you do!

3. Find the right branded chocolate supplier

Possibly our top tip when researching branded chocolates UK is to find the right supplier! This will wholly depend on what you want out of the chocolates. But some things to look out for is good quality wrapper printing, chocolate that’s of a decent quality, and customer service that’s happy to help with all your concerns!

Finding the best supplier for your needs is the best way to make sure your branded chocolate journey runs smoothly! Plus, the process of finding the right one could mean lots of samples… which means lots of chocolate for you! We love It’s All About The Wrapper because they offer plenty of options that make your chocolates look great and deliver the message you need.

4. Think about different options

Any good supplier out there should have a range of corporate branded chocolate options to offer you. This could include different sizes of chocolate, different flavours, or various packaging options. And, you can use them for a diverse range of reasons! For example, you could give out small chocolates to any client who visits you. or, you could save bigger bars to send as a special thank you to clients who make big orders.

What you do with the different branded chocolate options is up to you! But there are definitely plenty out there to choose from to suit any purpose. We love branded chocolates because they’re a really versatile marketing tool that always go down well no matter the occasion.

Delivered Social branded chocolates

5. Don’t ignore imagery!

When you think of corporate branded chocolates, you probably think of a businesses logo on the wrapper. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Why not think outside the box with your wrappers? Most suppliers will offer you the option to have imagery on your chocolates instead of a branded logo, which we think is a great idea!

Using imagery on your chocolates opens up a load of new ideas, both fun and serious! For example, you could print your employee’s pictures on them for a bit of fun that is sure to get the office talking. Or, why not print a picture of your local area, or even your office! Branded chocolates don’t have to be boring. A little imagination goes a long way when designing a wrapper that will make your business stand out.

6. Branded chocolates UK are not just for business

So, we think that these treats aren’t just for business purposes! Sure, they do work great for your marketing. But just think of everything else you could use them for too! Party or wedding favours, thank yous, place names, or even gifts. We’re sure that once you start using branded chocolates you won’t want to stop.

They make a great addition to any occasion, so don’t just think of them as a marketing tool. Whatever events you’ve got going on in your personal life, they’re sure to add some fun and be a talking point for all of your guests. Plus, the fact that you can get images printed on them makes them even more perfect for this purpose. Just think- you could get photos of the happy couple, a new baby, names, or dates printed on them that make them suitable for virtually any occasion you can think of, in and outside of work.

7. Use branded chocolates in your CSR strategy

Next, using branded chocolates are a great way to add a little something extra to your CSR strategy. You could use them to promote your charities of choice in a sweet and unforgettable way, to help spread their message and aid their efforts! Then, you could either sell the chocolates in aid of the charity, or simply give them away to raise awareness among your clients, staff, and local community.

When it comes to CSR, we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve what we do! So, we really like this idea of selling chocolate bars to support MacMillan! But, no matter what charities you and your business likes to support, you really can’t go too wrong with chocolate. Who says no to a tasty treat? Using them for CSR is a great way to promote your charity and CSR work to basically everyone that you meet.

8. Celebrate the season

Another great way in which you can use branded chocolates is to celebrate whatever is happening in the world! For example, some Christmassy chocolates would be a great favour to give out at the office Christmas party. Or, why not give some out for Random Act of Kindness Day, with your logo and a positive message? Whatever your business celebrates, adding some tasty treats into the mix is sure to make it that bit extra special.

With the range of packaging options available, there’s sure to be some out there that suit what you’re doing. Some suppliers even design seasonal products with these occasions in mind, for example, advent calendars or Easter eggs. There’s plenty of innovative ideas and occasions out there that a bit of chocolate would improve!

9. Boost team morale with your very own treats

Branded Chocolates UK

This is something we have mentioned before, but your team is sure to love these treats as much as you do! We think that they’re a quick and easy way to give a little morale boost in a meeting or if your employees have done something well. Using them within your team isn’t going to raise any more awareness of your business. But, it’s one small thing you can do to help keep your employees happy.

You could go one step further and get your staff involved in the chocolates! Why not run a small competition to see who can design the best wrapper? It’s a fun activity where the team can put their creative skills to use. And, the winner will have something to show for it with their own chocolate creation!

10. Boost your event with branded chocolates

Finally, the last tip to get the most out of this marketing tool is to use them at your events! Most businesses put on or are part of events at least occasionally. Have you thought about how branded chocolates could help take any event to the next level? The uses for them at events are huge! Firstly, having chocs with your guests’ names on make great place settings for a sit-down dinner. Or, you could have bowls of them placed throughout the venue for everyone to snack on throughout the event.

The chocolates can be designed to match any theme or decor. So, they really do make a great addition to literally any event your business puts on. Furthermore, you could encourage guests to take them home with them as party favours. This spreads your brand even further, if they share them with family and friends, and makes sure that your event is not one that will be forgotten in a hurry!

We think that branded chocolates are the perfect addition to any businesses marketing strategy. As you can see from this article, their uses are endless! They’re certainly one of the most versatile branded products out there that we recommend every business looks into.

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