2019 was all about creating the best digital experiences, being authentic and connecting with your audience. The digital media world constantly evolves and there are new tools and trends to look out for to be the best you can be! In 2019, memes were the ‘it’ and a viral trend most brands and businesses were a part of.

But, why are memes so popular? Memes are funny, engaging and easy to make, but most importantly, they are super easy to share! The more people who see your meme on social media, the more that are likely to share it, and this can help increase your chances of going viral. Usually they don’t cost anything, so no matter your budget, all businesses can join the trend! 

Memes can be shared everywhere: on your feed, in your Instagram stories, in DMS and messages, anywhere you communicate with your audience.

Staying on top of the best and newest social media trends is vital for your business’ online success, especially if you want to keep up with your competitors and get your business visible to new potential customers. Knowing what trends are current and what trends are dead is very important.

In this blog post, we’ve rounded up 4 memes that did very well in 2019. Keep reading to see which memes went viral!

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2019’s most popular memes

Baby Yoda

First up, we have the very popular Baby Yoda meme who took the meme-world by storm! Baby Yoda is a character from the new Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’, and has softened many people’s hearts. It’s a sweet alien baby who looks incredibly adorable and so innocent – Look it up, you won’t regret it! After seeing it, you will want a little Baby Yoda of your own. These memes were mostly shared on Twitter to convey feelings of cuteness and innocence, and used as a nudge. Baby Yoda is that nudge that brings you back to your childhood to a memory you had completely forgotten about. When looking for 2019 digital media trends that did well, this was one of the most popular ones!

2019 Digital Media Trends

The Bird Box Challenge

Next up, we have The Bird Box challenge that went viral and was created from the film that came out at the end of 2018. This challenge consists of people living their lives blindfolded as if they were in the actual film. Some people took it to the extreme, blindfolding themselves while driving and crossing the road. The challenge actually went so far that Netflix had to put up a statement asking people to stop this challenge with immediate effect. The 2019 digital media trends were something else, but not always safe!

Blindfolded Woman

And it shows…

Then we have the ‘’and it shows’’ meme which went viral very quickly amongst teens in 2019. The story behind it is very simple, it’s calling someone out for their lack of life experience or brag about something while making fun of those who haven’t had that experience.

Girls Laughing

Kim Kardashian –  Making a phone call video meme

The last, but not least, is the Kim Kardashian making a phone call video. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian show has been made into plenty of dramatic and fun memes which have been shared and used on the internet for a long time, and they still are! People use this video of Kim Kardashian making a phone call and adding their own dramatic captions. The Kardashians were dominating the 2019 digital media trends, just like they did last year!

Man Shouting

These funny memes were all peaking in 2019 and didn’t quite make it to 2020. So why didn’t they carry over to 2020? Memes are created and shared daily, and with any other trend, they are getting replaced with new, funnier and popular ones all the time. People were loving these memes because they are relatable and easy to use in your own daily and personal life. When a new meme is created, the race to transform it into something the internet hasn’t seen before is fierce. This results in some memes being forgotten about because they are replaced with more current ones from new tv shows and films. Memes are actually so popular that it’s become a big part of people’s lives outside of social media. People find ways to incorporate them into any conversation and situation.

2019 digital media trends that made it to 2020

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, the number of people online is growing every day. Trends from 2019, such as video content and increased focus on trust, are making a big and stronger comeback. The new normal pushes us to think of new ways to communicate with one another which causes some trends to survive in 2020. People are getting used to the remote world which also results in businesses having to create new and innovative ideas to increase numbers and sales. So, what trends stuck around? Here are the 2019 digital media trends that made it to 2020, and which you need to be looking out for still:

Video Content

Video content keeps booming and more brands are using it to grow their business online. Both long and short-form videos are among the most shared content on social media. But, why should your business be creating video content? Consumers LOVE it and it’s easy to digest, it’s entertaining and highly engaging. It’s also accessible to anyone with internet, and can easily be shared with others. 

Instagram stories

Instagram stories aren’t slowing down and are still highly engaging and an important tool your business needs to be using to engage followers. This form of content is popular among most marketers because it allows you to post as many images and videos as possible without affecting your main feed. Instagram stories have a lot of great features which can be found on the top right corner.

Get ready to go live!

Going live is a whole new tool to reach clients and customers in a fun and interactive way. This boosts your engagement, helps build trust towards your brand, increase brand awareness, and builds strong and great relationships with your audience. So, why should your business go live? There are many reasons to go live, such as to promote your products and do a Q&As, but also to find out more about your target audience and what they want.


Yes, you heard right. TikTok is still a big thing in 2020 and is a platform more and more businesses are using to engage with their audience and reach new potential customers. But, why is it so popular? The app allows even the smallest accounts to go viral, no matter how many followers you have. Everyone has a chance to go viral. Video content is really important to incorporate in your business strategy. Businesses are finding new and creative ways to use the platform. Join the trend and go viral!

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