Why It’s Not Savvy To Buy Social Media Followers

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Why Its Not Savvy To Buy Social Media Followers

It’s predicted that in 2019 there will be over 2.7 billion global social network users. Yet social media can be daunting. As a recent beginner who has tentatively dipped her nervous toe into the massive world of social media, it comes with its own language, rules, successes and nuances. So, whether you are fascinated by Facebook, incessant about Instagram or transfixed by Twitter, the name of the game, even for those who are starting out, is to be authentic and patient and refrain from buying followers.

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You can buy followers?

I was shocked to discover this, but if you’re active on social media there’s a strong likelihood that you have, or will be, approached by companies to buy new social media followers. It really does exist. Naturally, there is a fee and even if it seems reasonable to pay a few pounds for a thousand new followers, you can’t be sure that the followers are even real.

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Authenticity is the key

If you’re considering buying extra followers, then you need to consider your social media objective. If it’s purely numbers you’re after, then undoubtedly any viewer at first glance will be able to see that you have a large following if you have bought followers. Yet, if it’s genuine followers who connect with you and your content, and engage in your business or brand, then you need to gradually build the engagement.

Be patient

When you get started and fully immerse yourself in social media, there can be a sense of impatience. A desperate need to hit one hundred followers, then five hundred, and it goes on. You need to be prepared to invest time in those who like and comment on your posts. Reply to them individually when they leave a comment. Be interactive with other posts you like. It will show the real you. And, it goes a long way to respond to others who have taken the time to interact with you.

Watch the algorithms 

If you buy followers who don’t interact with your postings or account, then it could work against you. This is especially true on Facebook. It uses an algorithm to decide which content will be filtered to the news feed. If your engagement rate is deteriorating, then less of your posts are likely to head to the news feed. Facebook essentially wants users to interact with each other and prioritises sharing and commenting, the active interactions, over the passive interactions where users simply like a post. This network actively encourages engagement.

Reputation and cost

It may be that no one ever finds out that you bought followers. But, if your followers suddenly grow from about a hundred to five thousand overnight, suspicions may grow. People are essentially buying into you and your brand or business, so fake is unlikely to appeal. In addition, if you pay for an ad that is intended to reach all your followers it will do that, it will reach all the followers, including the fake ones you have bought. Now that’s just a waste of money.

Don’t buy followers, be patient, and like any new venture, put in the time and hard work, especially at the beginning. Connect with others, flatter others, actively hunt for those who are in a similar business or subject matter to you and follow them. Remember, everyone on social media started somewhere, and many individuals will follow back and like your posts too. Generally, it’s a supportive community. Retain your credibility and graft for the right following.

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